Saturday, September 05, 2020

Declan Donovan - Perfectly Imperfect Review

SoundCloud singer-songwriter Declan Donovan released his new single ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ in August alongside an understated lyric video. Unlike in previous singles, Donavan’s latest release foregoes the pop genre tones in favour a subtler, much more raw delivery.

‘Perfectly Imperfect’ offers us an insight into Donovan’s gentler thoughts, the piece is a romantic serenade reminiscent of debut hit ‘Fallen So Young’. 2020 has offered plenty of challenges for relationships young and old, the pressure of spending every second with one another, with every imperfection, has been too much for many.

Donovan’s song of devotion is a stark and welcome contrast to the reality of love in the modern World.

The song is very delicate to begin, the choice of vocals accompanied by only a piano gives the song a personal feel - an air of solitude reflecting the lockdown state of mind. Regardless of this, the track is full of dynamic range with the climax in the chorus preceding a much softer admission of love. The simplicity of its delivery creates a timeless effect, an ability to exist in any given space.

The visual piece released with the track is a lyric video, the background of which looks like the end of a film reel, infusing the song with a sense of nostalgia and memories made. The warmer shades of orange and yellow convey a warmth that along with the handwritten font, emphasises the track’s lyrics, creating a desirable level of intimacy.

So far only a lyric video has been released on Donovan’s YouTube, though we can possibly expect an official video or a live acoustic recording at a later date. Donovan is set to perform live for the first time in many months on December 1st.

- Molly Stone



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