Meet The Editors

Founder/ Head Editor: Alannah Williams (she/her)

Straight from the heart of Manchester, I study Earth and Planetary Sciences at UoM and dabble in music reviews and concert photography, managing my team at Music Is To Blame and editing in my spare time. 

I also write for The Mancunion, Clunk, Dead Head Merch, and Robinson's Records, The Indiependent, GigWise and Line Of Best Fit.

Favourite Artists: David Bowie, Wolf Alice, Arlo Parks

Article: ‘No-Guilt Punk’ and Pure Unadulterated Artistic Energy - The Cribs 'Night Network' Album Review

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Lead Editor: Aneesha Kalia (she/her)

I am a lifestyle, travel and fashion blogger with a passion for all things music. In addition to doing editorial work and freelance journalism for Music Is To Blame, I also teach yoga and write fictional pieces.

Favourite Artists: Cigarettes After Sex, Wallows, Mitski

Article:  Laurence Murray Project release sultry debut single ‘Providence’


Editor: Reece Ritchie

I'm Reece, I'm an Economics and Politics student at the University of Manchester but music has been my lifelong passion! I've been going to gigs for as long as I can remember and in recent years have started directing that energy into music journalism. I'm a music editor over at The Mancunion, a contributor at WHATWESPEW and I even run my own alternative radio show on Fuse FM called The NorthWest Emo Show. I'm a big fan of putting people onto new artist and discussing the underground scene especially around Manchester!

Favourite artists: Hot Mulligan, Easy Life, Idles and Me Rex

EditorSarah Taylor (she/her)

I’m Sarah, and I’m an English Literature student originally from Merseyside and currently studying at the University of Manchester. I love music and writing so I decided to combine the two and write about music! I’m an avid gig-goer and passionate about anything 90s Britpop or alt-rock related. I currently contribute reviews to The Mancunion, Bido Lito! and The Indiependent, as well as Music Is To Blame.

Favourite Artists: Wolf Alice, PJ Harvey, St Vincent, Arctic Monkeys

Article: Pizzagirl’s sophomore album ‘Softcore Mourn’ boasts blissful beats and stellar song writing

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Editor: Abbie Cronin (she/her)

I am a 22-year-old English Literature graduate from Edinburgh. I enjoy spinning records, reading Hunter S. Thompson, and drinking iced americanos. 

Favourite ArtistsTaj Mahal, Patti Smith, Townes Van Zandt

Edited Article: The Grammys 2021: Wow, that was actually really good?

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Editor: Maddie Bridger

I'm Maddie, an English and Media graduate from the University of Sussex. I started at Music Is To Blame this year to maintain writing for fun, but enjoy editing most, and when I'm not writing and reviewing music I'm streaming and listening to it. 

My top 3 artists of the past few years have probably been Folamour, Orbital and D'Angelo - but this is absolutely subject to change (and Frank Ocean will always have a special place in my heart). 

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming year with Music Is To Blame and getting my teeth stuck into some music I might not have heard otherwise!

Favourite Artists: Folamour, D'Angelo, Frank Ocean

Edited Article: Dark-pop princess Muki shrugs it off in 'I Make Boys Cry'

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Editor: Max Bover

I’m interested in all things music and literature. Any time these two collide is when I’m enjoying myself most. 

Favourite Artists: Alexandra Saviour, Tyler the Creator, Still Woozy


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Editor: Bella DeSouza-Cook (she/her)

I’m a saxophone performance and English major at Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta and I have a passion for music and writing. In my spare time, you can find me reading, bullet journaling, playing music and daydreaming about the future.

Favourite Artists: John Mayer, Jacob Collier, Us The Duo

Article: Alice Phoebe Lou Gets Authentic With Latest Album “Glow”

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Editor: Rachel Feehan (she/her)

I'm Rachel, a freelance content writer and editor. I'm a music graduate from Leeds Beckett University and have always had a strong interest in songwriting, production, and performance. I love exploring the ways different artists express themselves through their work, and Music Is To Blame is a great platform to totally immerse myself in this conversation. 

Favourite Artists: Paramore, Halsey, Lorde

Article: Celeste exceeds all expectations with highly anticipated debut album 'Not Your Muse'

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Editor: Aimee Dodd

Hey there, I’m Aimee! I joined Music Is To Blame because I think that it is important for music journalists to showcase a wide array of artists; for me, this comprises of the bolstering underground with a mix of eclectic gems! Since joining the team, my mission has become clear; for you to leave with the company of at least one favourite new artist… 

Favourite Artists: Pixies, eMMplekz, Metronomy, Sworn Virgins

Article: Let’s Dance in a Bright Green Field - Squid Stun with their full-length debut

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Editor: James Hepburn (he/ him)

I’m James; a 22-year-old graduate who has just finished an MSc in political science at the University of Glasgow. Music has always been my passion – whether it has been in the form of gigs, vinyls, or playing instruments myself. A recent sonic adventure of mine has been diving deep into the world of punk (hardcore, post, ska, etc.). Its fair to say that after the past year I’ve been regularly searching for musical catharsis!


Favourite Artists: Peach Pit, Jeff Rosenstock, Frightened Rabbit.

Editor: James Ogden 

Hi, I’m James! I’m Currently studying for a Masters in Publishing and in my spare time I am a freelance writer. I have a real passion for music and feel the diversity of artists found on Music is to Blame is something that’s really missing from mainstream publications. It’s a pleasure to be part of such a team! 

Favourite artists: James, Cocteau Twins, Pixies.

Sub-editors: Christian Koller, Robyn Hill, Dillon Walsh

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