Meet The Editors

Editor-In-Chief: Alannah Williams (she/her)

Straight from the heart of Manchester, I'm currently studying a PhD in Physics at the University of Lancaster and dabble in music reviews and concert photography, managing my team at Music Is To Blame and editing in my spare time. 

I also write for Line Of Best Fit, The Mancunion, DSCVRD, When The Horn Blows, Secret Meeting and Gigwise, as well as being Head Music Editor over at The Indiependent.

Favourite Artists: David Bowie, Wolf Alice, Dominic Fike

Article: ‘No-Guilt Punk’ and Pure Unadulterated Artistic Energy - The Cribs 'Night Network' Album Review

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Editor: Rachel Feehan (she/her)

I'm Rachel, a freelance content writer and editor. I'm a music graduate from Leeds Beckett University and have always had a strong interest in songwriting, production, and performance. I love exploring the ways different artists express themselves through their work, and Music Is To Blame is a great platform to totally immerse myself in this conversation. 

Favourite Artists: Paramore, Halsey, Lorde

Article: Celeste exceeds all expectations with highly anticipated debut album 'Not Your Muse'

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Editor: Evelina Lungu

Hi, I’m Evelina, I’m from Hertfordshire, and I’m currently working as a Biofuels Reporter. In my free time, I love to play the piano, go for runs and read. 

To me, Music is to Blame is the perfect venue for discovering new music and feeding my small outbursts of creativity. 


Favourite Artists: Felix Mendelssohn, Claude Debussy and Caroline Polachek 



Editor: David Harrold (they/he) 

Hi, I’m David! I’m a music graduate from the University of Edinburgh who was also born and bred up here. I inherited my love of music from my father at a young age, mainly listening to punk and post-punk from the 70s and 80s. Nowadays, my music taste has expanded into pretty much anything, including the post-punk revival of today, rap, singer-songwriters, jazz, ambient music, and anything in between – whatever the artist, I’ll give it a listen! 

When I’m not attending a gig or listening to or writing about music, I’m a big sports fan, especially football, Formula One, and darts. I’m very excited to be a part of the editing team at Music Is To Blame alongside contributing articles to them and The Indiependent! 

Favourite Artists: The Murder Capital, Tyler, The Creator, Black Country, New Road, Vistas, Phoebe Bridgers