Saturday, July 31, 2021

Maxwell Varey Captures Taps Into The Tropical On New Track – ‘Psycho’

Following up from the release of the excellent debut track ‘Lucid’, Maxwell Varey confirms that he knows how to produce a banger that harbours hidden depths in its production and lyrics. 

Opening with a distant echo of the rainforest, the fresh-sounding ‘Psycho’ turns effortlessly into a laid-back summer tune, whilst the Wigan native's cool and calm vocal performance add to the chilled vibe of his crisp new release. 

Let Vistas Open Up Your Eyes To See ‘Brand New’

Right from the start, Vistas come in strong with anthemic, distorted guitars, a jumpy bassline, and a groove to make you want to dance, headbang, and everything in between.

Released July 20th, Vistas’ newest single, ‘Brand New,’ is the latest release ramping up to their next album, ‘What Were You Hoping To Find?’.

It feels fresh and summery, like the song you want to listen to while driving to the beach.

Throughout the track, there’s a constant flow of energy, whether it’s bubbling underneath the surface of the verses or being released into the pre-chorus and chorus.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Bones In Butter Bring Contagious Chaos With New Single ‘They Live’

Prepare yourself for the chaotic new single brought to you from the post-punk band, Bones In Butter. Led by Milutin Krasevic, the band are a six-member Belgrade-based collective, specializing in alternative music. 

With years of touring and performing history behind each member, Bones In Butter is a concoction of pure talent, authenticity, and passion. 

They Live’ is an explosive two-and-a-half-minute track, spilling over with raw and defiant energy.

 Bones In Butter have skipped the now almost-trendy song structure of a long drawn-out introduction that eventually builds into a crescendo. Instead, they prefer to get straight to the point, letting listeners immediately know that they are in for a dynamic, lively performance; the opening electrifying guitar riff instantly sets the tone for the rest of the song, acting as a warning that things are only going to get more manic. 

The Night Alone - Taking our breath away with their debut single

‘Took My Breath Away’ sits atop a tightrope balancing between rock and synth-wave.  The culmination is a stellar track that harmonises well as a summer song.

It’s got that late afternoon barbecue vibe to it, so much so you can almost smell it.

It’s got a real nostalgic ‘80s feel, ripped jeans, leg warmers, neon colours, and all the bells and whistles.

Despite the tracks’ clear ‘80s aura, it still manages to feel fresh. This is all thanks to the rhythmic pattern, the slight distortion on the guitar during the solo, and of course; the catchy chorus. 

Terror Cult release their politically-charged anthem ‘Snubnose Jesus’

Terror Cult’s newest single, ‘Snubnose Jesus’, has put them in the indie limelight.

The Leeds-based band show their talent for indie-rock songwriting with the guitar-driven release, demonstrating how they are strong competitors to be looked out for on the local music scene.


Having only formed the band last year, the release is a strong start from the boys. There are elements of all the classic indie bands in there, from the 1970s Buzzcocks, to modern-day Catfish And The Bottlemen. However, what sets Terror Cult aside from other indie rockers is their punk edge that cuts through.