Friday, December 01, 2023

Gunning For Allie Explore Themes Of Loss In The Brand New Synth Pop Track ‘Alive’

The Australian pair, Gunning For Allie, has returned with their latest single, 'Alive,' a track infused with 80s inspiration that delves into themes of loss and its profound impact. 

Gunning for Allie, composed of seasoned actor Joshua Mulheran and Isla Vera frontman James Waters, emerges as a dynamic synth pop-rock duo hailing from Brisbane, Australia.

Having garnered online streaming triumph with earlier releases, the duo is now geared up to elevate their musical journey. Originating from their days in a high school rock band, the lethal writing partnership of Josh and James unfolds through Josh's lyrical prowess complemented by James' instrumental craftsmanship. Their music, characterized by soft piano hooks, 80s-inspired synths, and lively guitar riffs, encapsulates a genuine and captivating vocal synergy. 

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Punk, Meet Garage Rock (and Vice Versa): Dream of a Man in a Top Hat Release the Energetic ‘The Bad Side’

Lee Leffler and Michael Frackleton, two-thirds of the 80’s post-punk band Native Tongue from Boston, form the psychedelic/alt rock/post-punk duo known as Dream of a Man in a Top Hat.

Following the positive reception of their EP and inaugural album, Dream of a Man in a Top Hat dedicated 2022 and 2023 to unveiling a collection of new singles, with several included in the ‘Buzzy Beans’ album. This includes their latest single ‘The Bad Side’. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Dons of Youth Embrace Vulnerability and Get Real With ‘Rush’

Peter Moe and Kelly Matthews III, known as Dons of Youth, formed an American recording duo located in Nashville, USA. Their collaborative journey started at university, where they contributed to each other's solo projects over the years. In 2022, they officially adopted the name Dons of Youth.

Presently, the duo is immersed in creating their debut album, a coming-of-age masterpiece delving into themes of allure, and young love. As a preview, they've unveiled the NEWEST track from the project, 'Rush'.

Nina Nesbitt Delivers Refreshing Christmas Track

Christmas songs are a funny one as they are only rolled out once a year as the nights get colder and the ice starts to creep in. 

Many are very formulaic, and rehash overused Christmas-themed tropes and topics. These singles seem to either become instant classics, or simply fade out once the snow melts away. 

However, this latest single from Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt is the opposite of formulaic. Whilst ‘Christmas Time Again’ features a number of Christmassy instruments (such as jingly bells and choir-like backing vocals), the lyrical content is refreshing and modern. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Trickshooter Social Club Release The American Garage Rock EP ‘Truck Stop Dangerous’

Trickshooter Social Club returns with their latest EP, 'Truck Stop Dangerous,' offering an expansive blend of the American rock dream fused with various genres for a rich and multifaceted listening experience.

Trickshooter Social Clubs music embraces a uniquely literary and diverse style, blending fuzzy, tweedy, garage-inspired elements with a touch of country. Ranging from introspective singer/songwriter tunes to bold, unapologetic rock-n-roll, their songs carry a hint of whiskey-soaked weariness, yet consistently make space for redemption.