Monday, September 20, 2021

Matilda Cole shares heart-breaking memories of her childhood in intimate new single ‘Camden’

With dreamy, reverb-drenched guitars and delicate Holly Humberstone-esque vocals, Matilda Cole’s latest release ‘Camden’ is an agonising plea, longing for the days before her parents separated. 

‘Camden’ is taken from her forthcoming EP, which she describes as “a collection of songs about the reality of growing up.” This track is a true reflection of that statement, as Cole deeply contemplates the impact of her family's broken home.  


Less than ten seconds into the song, Cole delivers the crushing line “Hey kids, you know we still love you.” The line, articulated from the perspective of her father, immediately places you in that scene, with the protagonist struggling to comprehend how a seemingly stable family relationship was disintegrating behind the scenes.

The Rock Renaissance of the Modern Maiden

If there is one band that humanity can rely upon to navigate their way through the trenches of the ruthless British soundscape, it is the Mighty Maiden. While the heavy metal genre sadly departed from the UK charts around the same time that John Major came into Parliament, these metal innovators are still making headlines such as Iron Maiden lead Drake in battle for UK Number One album.’

Releasing music during a time where many of our most beloved 80s metal bands are attempting to breathe new life into their older, more iconic sounds, in a poor attempt to remain entrenched in the glory of their zenith, Iron Maiden has gifted us with a sound that is unquestionably Maiden—yet more compelling and mature than anything that we have heard from them before. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

With 'MONTERO', LIL NAS X Proves He Is No One-Trick Pony

It is no understatement to call Lil Nas X an overnight sensation. He first rose to prominence with his cross-genre country-rap anthem ‘Old Town Road’ that spent nineteen months at the top of the Billboard chart, shattering the all time record by almost a month and spawning four official remixes (and several more unofficial versions). 

Now, Lil Nas X (born Montero Lamar Hill) has birthedMONTERO’— a debut album that delivers on all of the humor and fun of his first singles with an added complexity that has cemented his transition from industry upset to genuine artistry.

Live: Billie Marten // King Tuts Glasgow

Billie Marten’s music is quintessential for a sunny Sunday morning sat outside with a cup of coffee... or for an intimate gig in King Tuts, Glasgow (16th September 2021). This venue was perfect for her ambient electric guitar tones, wispy vocals, and soft jazz-like percussion. This show is the kickstart to her widespread UK tour, and what a start it was...

Rising to fame at only twelve years old after finding viral prominence, Marten has had years to perfect her craft. Elegant and gentle in her stage presence, Marten’s love for music is all too clear.

She’s subtly confident, not needing to hide the fact that she is still so young - at only 22.

In a unique cross between Folk and Jazz, Marten’s music succeeds genres in the perfect blend of two opposing categories. Marten uses her strong vocal performances to transcend space and time to deliver narratives through her music in an engaging and witty way. Her personality combined with her musicianship leaves you in no doubt you are in the company of someone who is destined for the top.

Walt's Frozen Head Returns with a Symphonic Garage grove

Hailing from Leeds, psych-rock and avant-garde pop outfit Walt’s Frozen Head, caustically recaptures our imagination on their most recent single 'Low Hum'

With noticeable influences from acts such as MGMT, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Beck, and Blur; Walt's Frozen Head showcase's their pension for all things, psychedelic, fuzzy, and experimental and delivers another musically cinematic, grungy, and elicit piece of music.