Saturday, October 23, 2021

Joe & The Shitboys point out the golden rules to saving the world with their new single ‘Save the Planet, You Dumb Shit’

The four-piece Joe & The Shitboys have just dropped their brand-new track ‘Save the Planet, You Dumb Shit’ to warm up the music world for their upcoming second album ‘The Reason For Hardcore Vibes (Again)’. The album will be released on the 16th November via Tutl Records, featuring the already revealed ‘Pull The Trigger’, ‘Manspredator’, and ‘Closeted HomoFobe’.

If you know relatively little about the band, Greta Thunberg would fit in perfectly as their bodyguard. The self-proclaimed bisexual vegan punks founded the band in an attempt to call out the discriminative conservative environment present in their home nation of the Faroe Islands – where homophobes and misogynists are killing the rock vibes.

Knowing Me, Knowing Them; What ABBA have been up to since their breakup

In 1982 the unthinkable occurred. The Swedish pop-powerhouse ABBA – the purveyors of glam-rock flares, chart-topping hits, and endless cheesy nights – announced their disbandment. Mired by internal tension caused by the dissolution of the two marriages the band was built on, ABBA’s dynamics were no longer the same. 

Struggling to find the unity that was once the catalyst of their collective creativity, the quartet cowered under the changing musical tastes of a new decade and strayed increasingly from their characteristic buoyancy into darker introspection. The solution was clear, and in the words of their 1977 hit ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ – this time we’re through”.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Bleak Mystique Are Back With The Second Instalment Of ‘Pageantry, Vol.2’

The indie-punk trio from Denver, Bleak Mystique, are back with their second EP ‘Pageantry, Vol.2’. 

The band, consisting of Sam Shapiro (Vocals, Guitar) Aidan Hutchings (Bass) and Hayden Bosch (Drums) have been busy with another EP, consisting of four fiery tracks that are sure to help with the inevitable incoming autumn chill.  

This follows the ‘Pageantry Vol.1’ edition released earlier this year in June. 

Griff Taps Into Vulnerability On ‘One Night – Stripped Version’, Ahead Of UK Tour

Griff, whose full name is Sarah Faith Griffiths, is one of the most exciting up-and-coming musical talents in the UK right now. 

Recently crowned 'Rising Star' at this year’s Brit Awards, where she also snuck in a photo-op with Taylor Swift, she has had a very rapid ascension into the spotlight. 

Her debut single, ‘Mirror Talk’, hit the scene in 2019, and she has since had success with the hit ‘Black Hole’ amongst others from her critically acclaimed debut mixtape, ‘One Foot In Front Of The Other’. 

Midcentury Llama Look To Have Fun In Debut Self-Titled Album

In a world wracked by very serious issues, Midcentury Llama is here to give everyone a much-needed lift with their self-titled debut album, which is set to be released on October 22nd. Keeping it short and sweet, this half hour album is a joy to behold - due both to the composition of the band and their novel approach in the music industry: they make music to have fun.

In the purest, simplest beginnings, Midcentury Llama began as a passion project of three childhood best friends: Sam Okrent, Eric Gantner, and Frank O’Meara.