Sunday, April 14, 2024

Touching On Time-Blurred Nostalgia With Luke Hemmings In ‘Close My Eyes’

With the release of ‘Close My Eyes’ by Luke Hemmings from his upcoming album, ‘Boy’, we're beginning to understand why the name of his debut solo tour is ‘Nostalgia For A Time That Never Existed’. 

The indie-pop-rock artist is taking on the hues of blue that have transpired throughout his in childhood, teenage years, and adulthood. These shades represent self-depreciation, confidence, depression, imagination, mourning, soothing, and stability. 

He delicately weaves in these complicated emotions and perspectives that have been bottled up over the years - in his case, this upcoming album, like ‘When Facing The Things We Turn Away From’, we can assume will showcase how he has tried to cope with himself and who he has become. 

Saturday, April 13, 2024

On and On Like A Never Ending Album: Conan Gray’s ‘Found Heaven’ Is New Paradise

‘Found Heaven’ transports you into an ‘80s dreamwave-inspired haven that feels like a trip to the discotheque or the main character in a romance or a coming-of-age movie. 

Conan Gray’s third album is full of nostalgic synths, drum kits, dreamy elements, and wavy guitars that pair with Gray’s vibrato - making the listening experience feel like you're living life with a magnetic dream filter on. 

Friday, April 12, 2024

Imagine Dragons Overcome Barriers with their New Track ‘Eyes Closed’

After being in the dark since their last release ‘Children of the Sky’, Imagine Dragons returns with a new anthem that blends rap, rock, alternative, and pop elements called ‘Eyes Closed’. 

Eyes Closed’ was first teased on March 10, 2024 with multiple snippets on the band’s twitter account, in which they supplied their fanbase with secret codes and riddles to solve for access to additional song teasers and lyrics. 

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Twenty One Pilots drop genre-blending anthem ‘Next Semester’

Breaking their track record of notoriously cryptic announcements thus far - award-winning alternative duo Twenty One Pilots surprised their fans last month with the unexpected announcement of a new album and a world tour to follow.

‘Overcompensate’ - the pounding first single from ‘Clancy’ (to be released on May 17) - plunged audiences back into the layered lore that began with 2018 album ‘Trench’.

The band’s latest single, ‘Next Semester’, is a punk-inspired anthem that ponders the possibility of starting fresh whilst accepting the past.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

‘Battle’: The New Impeccably Intriguing Single By Courting

Liverpool quartet Courting release their edgy and sparky new single ‘Battle’, full of constant vivacity and gorgeous rhythms. 

Courting are an indie-rock group that have a discography full of imaginative and truly unique sounds, which they have continued to expand on since the release of their first EP ‘Grand National’ in 2021. 

Their sound has progressed magically whilst maintaining their distinctive musical talents.