Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Fontaines D.C. Releases Anthem 'Favourite' for a New Era

Irish post-punk band Fontaines D.C. has released its next single ahead of its forthcoming album, the band's first since signing to XL Recordings.

’Favourite’ opens with a twinkly layered sound, evocative of one of those classic indie tracks that always manage to capture the spirit of summer. Frontman Grian Chatten’s signature gentle vocals give the song a mellowness that allows the listener to settle into its warmth. 

The song's lyrics are sweet and simple, bounding along with the melody in a way that is reminiscent of something by The Stone Roses; this is a refreshing contrast from a lot of other music from the Dublin-based group, which often has a much darker feel created by the band's gloomy poeticism.

The single was released alongside a music video that features home videos of the members of the band as children, with a raw VHS quality that reflects the wistfulness in Chatten’s voice. In an Instagram post, bassist Connor Deegan claimed that he wanted the video to “serve as a way of honouring our friendships, and moving from that, the relationships we hold dear”. He goes on to say that “we are not afraid to come of age again, holding on to romance in a sometimes trying world” which is a sentiment that is not only reflected within the visuals for ‘Favourite’, but within the nostalgia conjured by its sound as well.

‘Favourite’ is the second single released ahead of the band's upcoming album ‘Romance’, it follows the punchy lead single ‘Starburster, which created a rush of excitement from fans across social media. Fontaines D.C. are due to embark on a UK and Ireland tour in November.

Tallulah Fox

Image: 'Favourite' Official Single Cover

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