Sunday, September 06, 2020

End Of The Road Festival


As an avid festival goer I have been so lucky to experience a variety of musical experiences. My parents both kick started my interest in music by being brave enough to take me and my sister to festivals whilst we were very young, my first musical memories being Gorillaz and Faithless a Glastonbury at aged 9. But no festival has quite stuck with both me and my family like End of the Road Festival.

It takes place in South Wiltshire at the Larmer Tree Gardens and has grown to be the “best weekend of the year” within my family. We somehow manage to expand the group that partakes in the annual trip every year. From the open spaces of The Woods stage, positioned perfectly with the crowd on a shallow slope so no one misses out on the individual performances taking part on their main stage, to the Big Top that usually features an elephant hanging from the ceiling inside(as pictured below) there is always something special going on. Every year is truly an immersive experience.


The display of self-love and acceptance of those around you, which is always felt at festivals, specifically stands out at End of the Road. A subtle yet beautiful touch is a collection of books that are placed within the trunk of a tree that has been cut out and fitted with shelves; you can take a book and swap books with other people. The art work at End of the Road festival goes hand in hand with the music, there are so many subtle touches you would only notice when paying close attention. Lyrics of the bands that are playing that year are cut out of the leaves of trees that surround you throughout the festival giving a fairy tale effect. These aspects entwine with the music that is performed to leave an overall atmosphere of creativity that the festival exudes.

I feel a sense of home and nostalgia at the festival, it is the perfect size and capacity to never be bored yet to be able to see everything you want to. It also includes a film tent, games area and a comedy stage that I have shared many laughs in with both family and strangers. This year I had managed to get a big group of friends to buy tickets and was so excited to share this tranquil festival with them. But of course the planet had other ideas and our tickets have been rolled over to 2021, none the less my anticipation is still in full force.

Most of the acts scheduled for 2020 have announced they will still be performing in 2021. The line-up includes Pixies, King Krule and Black Country New Road. Each of these I have been waiting to see live. End of the Road’s line ups are always incredible, in recent years I have managed to catch Mac DeMarco, Tame Impala and Patti Smith along with many others.

End of the road takes place on the last weekend of summer; it’s a final celebration before returning to education/work as normal. For me End of the Road is everything a festival should be, and I cannot wait to be back alongside my friends and family after this truly crazy year.

- Bella Scott


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