Friday, July 05, 2024

Stepford Wives to Release 'Not Alone' 12th July

Stepford Wives' "critical wit, energetic stage presence and compelling blend of psychedelia and pop art-rock sounds like nothing else around" (Louder than War). 

Their single ‘So Paranoid’ hit the No 1 spot on several occasions  in 2023 on AMAZING RADIO USA - which is incredible for an emerging  band from North West England. 

If ‘All on Me’ and ‘So Paranoid’   introduced their soul-searching honesty, the new songs take that to anthemic new ground. Stepford Wives are the sound of joy/pain and discovery within the fragility of life, love and the eternal search for meaning in the world.

Stepford Wives are:  

Brad Barlow (guitar, vocals)

Maisie Jackson (vocals)

Nathan Lowe (drums)

Niklos Jackson (guitar, vocals)

Rowan Heywood (bass, vocals)

'Not Alone' resonates with haunting melodies that echo the universal human experience of solitude. Wrapped in a tapestry of melancholic instrumentation, the lyrics speak to the quiet battles fought within. 'Not Alone' navigates the emotional landscape, offering solace to those grappling with isolation. The chorus becomes a mantra, a reminder that in the depths of solitude, one is not truly alone. Each note weaves a narrative of vulnerability, transforming the song into a shared journey. It is a cathartic exploration of introspection, urging listeners to embrace their vulnerabilities and find strength in the solidarity of shared struggles.

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