Friday, July 05, 2024

Michael Zuzek Unveils 'Graystone'

Hailing from Toronto, pop-rock artist and composer Michael Zuzek is channelling The Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields' on his new single 'Graystone'.

Taking inspiration from a plethora of musical pools (including The Guess Who and The Zombies), Zuzek has crafted his own unique take on '60s lilty psychedelia and 70's rock. 

His latest cut, 'Graystone' is plucked from his upcoming full-length record 'Everest', which is slated for release later this Summer.

Despite only being his second release (following on from 2023's 'Ulysses' (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)), Zuzek has already refined his nostalgia-ridden sound that pays homage to his favourite musical eras.

Talking on the track, Zuzek notes; “In February 2022, while playing piano for my friend Scott, I stumbled upon the main riff for ‘Graystone,’ and within a couple of days, I completed the chord progression and lyrics. The song, named after my childhood street, reflects on my nostalgic and bittersweet memories of growing up and a past relationship that ended in front of my house".

Complete with undeniably uplifting piano riffs, rising melodies and layered soaring vocals, 'Graystone' is an sun-soaked track that rings almost reminiscent of early Jake Bugg soundscapes. At just under the three-minute mark, Zuzek's latest venture into mellow pop-rock is an impressive and mellifluous teaser to his debut project.

'Everest' is due to be released August 1st.

Lana Williams


Image: 'Graystone' Official Single Cover

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