Friday, July 05, 2024

Lonely Richard Embrace Liminal Spaces on 'Halfway House'

LA-based act Lonely Richard has released the yesteryear single ‘Halfway House’, a nostalgic rock track that blends feelings of sombre emotions with glimmers of optimism, creating a comforting, emotive listening experience. 

‘Halfway House’ begins with an abrupt, blunt drum thud that somehow feels out of sync with the low-tuned guitars, the use of compression takes listeners back to the 90s and creates an initial dissonance that gives the track a sense of DIY, lo-fi. 

However, as ‘Halfway House’ gains traction this initial contrast harmonises beautifully into an intricate and intriguing melody that explores various tempos through tones. Lonely Richard uses hesitant sombre pacing as explored through slow, rich and deep acoustic guitar strumming leading listeners into a pretence of sadness only to seamlessly blend into lighter, melodic picking and then shifting entirely into lively electric guitar arrangements and then returning to the slow pacing, creating a full circle. Further contrast is provided through hypnotic, dreamy vocals and thoughtful lyrics such as “What they’ve put you through, they’ve put you through hell…”

Lonely Richard has crafted a track rich with hidden complexities and musical Easter eggs reminiscent of the '90s. Utilising classic techniques like compression and various guitar styles, 'Halfway House' offers a genuine glimpse into their song-writing prowess, demonstrating that nostalgia can feel both new and refreshing.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Half House’ Official Single Cover

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