Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Pour Me A Hit: Post Malone And Blake Shelton Deliver A Country Classic

Post Malone continues to add to his country credentials with his latest collaboration, ‘Pour Me a Drink’, featuring none other than Blake Shelton. This dynamic duo has created a track that effortlessly blends their unique styles, making for an irresistible country anthem. 

Shelton, who's seen better days on the charts, gets a fresh boost from Malone's contemporary influence, resulting in a surprisingly vibrant performance. Their voices harmonise over a violin-driven melody that transports listeners back to the golden era of '90s country music, complete with heartfelt, down-on-their-luck lyrics.

This song follows the massive success of Malone's previous hit, ‘I Had Some Help’,  with Morgan Wallen, which has dominated the charts for weeks.

Post Malone, originally known for his rap and pop hits, has seamlessly transitioned into a genre that embraces storytelling and emotion - whether he's just dabbling or truly trying to make his mark within country remains to be seen. 

‘Pour Me a Drink’ is set to be a standout track from Malone's eagerly awaited country album, ‘F-1 Trillion,’ which drops on 16 August. The rollout of the record has included another buzzworthy song alongside ‘Pour Me A Drink’ and ‘I Had Some Help’‘Never Love You Again’, which was first performed at the Academy of Country Music Awards. While Malone has collaborated with several big names in country music, his growing prowess within the genre suggests he might not need the extra star power anymore. 

Evelina Lungu
Image: ‘Pour Me A Drink’ Official Single Cover

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