Thursday, July 04, 2024

Ian Vargo Releases the Avant-Garde ‘Creepy Florida People’

Ian Vargo, a distinguished music engineer for artists under Capitol Records and EMI, has brought forth a brand-new synth pop single ‘Creepy Florida People’ where his technical music background shines with dynamic sound waves and a confident swagger. 

‘Creepy Florida People’ begins with a bouncy synth that exudes an avant-garde, video game-like essence, infusing the track with a staggered yet fast-paced energy resulting in a captivating chemistry right from the start. 

As the track progresses with vocals—reminiscent of a vintage radio broadcast—effortlessly flows between high and low tones, creating texture and perfectly contrasts with the softer melodies composed of brass instruments.

The lyrics of Ian Vargo's ‘Creepy Florida People’ deconstruct the idealised glamour and image of Florida, offering a brutally honest portrayal of a day filled with mundane and bizarre twists. This is exemplified in the lyrics: "Had myself a little Jack and cola, things are pretty grim down here in Pensacola…think I’ll have another. This goddamn weather."

Overall, ‘Creepy Florida People’ sees Ian Vargo’s impeccable knowledge and talent flourish as he steps outside of the box to create a bouncy and dynamic song that will stick in the head’s of listeners. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Creepy Florida People’ Official Single Cover

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