Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Griff Would Do ‘Anything’ In Her New Single

Sarah Faith Griffiths, who goes by the stage name Griff, is an English singer-songwriter. She has an impressive discography and has recently been announced as the concert opener for Sabrina Carpenter’s upcoming tour, as well as having her own tour soon.

Her latest release ‘Anything’ has a pop, upbeat instrumental but is about wanting to do anything that someone wants and them having a hold over you, “[She] woulda done anything you wanted”. 

The way Griff sings the track feels like she is pleading in desperation with the person she's singing about, as she belts “Did you realise the power you had over me when you love like that?”.  The lyrics throughout are thoughtful and she reflects on the power imbalance of young love, “[Her] confidence was yours to take / Did you love how much you could make [her] stay”.

The track has driving drums, layers of instruments such as guitars and synths, and features the artist’s powerful vocals. It makes the listener want to dance and Griff mentions on her Instagram that this was her intention. ‘Anything' has the perfect balance of quiet parts of the track, building to the chorus, which has all the instrumental elements effortlessly coming together. 

Her new album ‘Vertigo’ is coming out on the 19th of July. Griff states on her X account ‘Vertigo’ is about “that dizzy upside down sensation that heartache often leaves you with”. ‘Anything’ is the final single released for the full final album drop, and Griff has released two EPs for this project, and this song gives an amazing peek into the vibes of the unreleased songs. 

Emily Bundock


Image: ‘Anything' Official Single Cover

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