Sunday, July 07, 2024

Picture This: Dancing In A Park To The New Summer Anthem 'Satellites'

The Irish alternative pop band Picture This seem to never disappoint. After their incredible fourth album, 'Parked Car Conversations', they have released another masterpiece with their new record, 'Satellites'Members Ryan Hennessy (vocals), Jimmy Rainsford (drums), Owen Cardiff (guitar), and Cliff Deane (bass), create an all-around beautiful and gripping harmony, all playing a big part in making it a special tune.

This heartfelt record is a sing-and-dance-along summer song. Not only is it light and relatable, but it's also a declaration of unconditional love. They talk of never leaving someone ("If you run tonight / Just know I won't be far behind you") making sure they'll always be there, and reversing all the pain and problems the loved one may have so they can build a new and better life for them ("Let your heart unbreak, pieces back in place / it's a better day").

They present a well-rounded rhythm and flow throughout - This makes the composition the perfect amount of predictable for a sweet and wholesome track to sing along to. They also added dynamic claps that will definitely engage the crowd at live shows to join in with them.

Picture This easily creates the illusion of a big festival stage in the summer, which they depict in a perfectly matching music video of 'Satellites'.



Sarah Ismail


Image: 'Satellites' Official Single Cover


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