Monday, July 08, 2024

Shifty Peaks’ New Single Will Leave You Craving Summer Fun

Shifty Peaks are a brand-new four-piece band from Adelaide, Australia. The band has recently released their brand new single ‘Left for Dead’ and it’s the perfect song for a summer beach day road trip.

The song opens up with uptempo drums and a fun guitar riff. The lead singer has a raspy vocal tone, perfect for this genre of music and this single is reminiscent of other surf rock bands like Sunroom and Surf Trash. 

The bridge of this track has an electrifying guitar solo- a true stand-out of the song. Following is a tempo build which gives the track a nice change in direction before the chorus comes back in. The lyrics of the song paint a picture of the summer, describing the traits of summer everyone loves the most. “I need to go where my skin can feel the sun / The water’s pull is much too strong / I’ve got to get fresh air in my lungs/waves crash over my head”.

From conjuring up images of fresh air in your lungs and crashing waves, this track will surely have you looking forward to the rest of the season.

Daniela Gisel Macias 


Image: ‘Left for Dead’ Official Single Cover

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