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Clairo’s ‘Nomad’: Addictive, Transportive and Simply Beautiful

After she started recording her music at only 13, American singer-songwriter Clairo has been gracing the world with her musical genius for years now.

Her early career involved recreating some of her favourite songs; she often took the music of her childhood and added her own unique spin. This soon progressed into a world of Bandcamp uploads and fanbase growth, before her creativity allowed the unveiling of her viral music video for the song ‘Pretty Girl’ in 2017. With the video gaining 81 million views in the first five years, it is widely regarded as her jump into fame and the avenue by which her incredible talent has become known to so many around the world.

Following her major success, Clairo has produced such a vast array of singles and albums, touring the UK and the US with fellow artists and is now set to release another new album titled ‘Charm’ in July of this year. Ahead of this, she has recently released her new single ‘Nomad’ and the buzz around it is phenomenal. 

‘Nomad’ encapsulates all of the vulnerability, irrationality and innately human things that only she can discuss so beautifully in music. Beginning with a slow tempo, the artist sets a tone of passiveness, the type often found in a realisation of self-destruction, and immediately reminds fans of the smooth and gentle nature of her musicality. Her vocals are always such a satisfying listen so when accompanied by unobstructed, passionate instrumentals, Clairo never fails to deliver a track that is effortlessly graceful. In this, she invites her listeners to sit back, close their eyes and feel all the human emotions we often keep caged away from the outside world.

The cosmically wonderful line “I’d rather wake up alone than be reminded/ Of how it was dream this time”, exerts such a divine sense of self-exposure, a gateway into the inner mechanisms behind the singer’s thoughts, feelings and sense of self. As this line is repeated at the end (“It was a dream this time”) the finality of things comes to head, and any sense of hope in the song is immediately abolished. Initially, this may seem too heartbreaking to be deemed commendatory, but it is the hurt in these lyrics that really defines the beauty of both the song’s and the artist’s credibility. 

As always, Clairo delivers a graceful melody, painstakingly gorgeous lyrics and her signature honesty that gets her the loyalty of every listener. 

Abby Tapping


Image: ‘Charm’ Official Album Cover

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