Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Stirring Up More Than Just ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’ With Friko

If you are unfamiliar with the band Friko, you’re definitely behind. The up-and-coming indie rock duo have just released a cover of one of Radiohead’s classics, ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’, from their album ‘In Rainbows’. We’re here to tell you it’s more than good; it’s magical.

Friko is a duo of vocalist and guitarist Niko Kapetan and drummer Bailey Minzenberger who met in high school in their hometown of Chicago. They have been making waves in the indie scene there since 2019. Friko performed at SXSW Festival in 2023 and have just announced their European/UK tour in the autumn. Their music is reminiscent of Jeff Buckley.

Upon the first listen, there is an immediate difference as Friko’s version is slightly slower, easing us into the song rather than a rushed entrance. There is a slowly growing makeshift orchestra of electric guitar, drums, and to our surprise, a violin. Minzenberger’s drums are clean, breaking evenly when needed. The strings and the gentle vocals from Kapetan draw you in, and as the volume increases we are left wanting more. The layers of instrumentation build a sorrowful yet mesmerizing atmosphere, as most Radiohead songs do. It’s commendable that Friko were able to make this stirring version of such a tender song.

The song has an overall less ambient atmosphere than the original until the very end. Kapetan’s brutal rush of electric guitar to finish us out, however, is just as pleasing as we hoped. Even as Kapetan’s voice is clearer, even higher than Thom Yorke’s, one can feel the emotion and strain from even the first few lines that are found in all of our favourite Radiohead songs.

You can listen to their cover here. We are excited to see what comes next from the duo and to see them at their Pitchfork Festival debut this November in London.

Molly Spencer


Image: Pooneh Ghana

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