Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Confidence Man are Back With Effervescent ‘I CAN’T LOSE YOU’

Confidence Man (ConMan) have returned with the almighty single ‘I CAN’T LOSE YOU’, released alongside the announcement of their highly anticipated third album, ‘3AM (LA LA LA)’. 

The genre-breaking quartet from Brisbane, Australia have been supplying our eardrums with bouncy and bonkers tunes since the release of their legendary single ‘Boyfriend’ in 2017, followed by their essential debut record ‘Confident Music For Confident People’. The band have flourished in success over recent years for their epic musical talents and sensationally unique live shows, and this new single is going to be nothing short of magical in those sets.

‘I CAN’T LOSE YOU’ is a song that inhabits a nostalgic atmosphere with its jolty rhythms and voice distortion, whilst incorporating modern-day sounds you’re likely to hear in Ibiza. The verses of the track sung by Sugar Bones are delivered in stark contrast to the choruses from Janet Planet, making the song completely infectious and inviting you to play this on repeat.

In recent Confidence Man releases such as ‘Firebreak’, we got to dive into the synth heavy bops produced by the veiled ConMan DJs, Reggie Goodchild and Clarence McGuffie. This single showcases the perfect blend of musical talents in the band between production and vocals, creating their eternal indie electro pop noise. Listeners can’t wait to hear what beloved ridiculousness ConMan will be up to next!

Alice Mason
@alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs
Image: ‘I CAN’T LOSE YOU’ Official Single Cover

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