Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Clairo’s ‘Sexy to Someone’ is a Lustful Affirmation for the Shy

Claire Cottrill, better known as Clairo, returns with ‘Sexy to Someone’, a track that blends her signature bedroom pop aesthetic with a surprisingly catchy melody. The song explores themes of self-doubt and the desire for connection, all wrapped up in a nonchalant, almost sardonic tone.

The verses (which are brief and repetitive) offer a glimpse into the narrator's internal monologue. Lines like "I want to be cool, but I'm a bore" depict someone struggling with feelings of not being enough. The bridge emphasizes this desire for validation with the repeated refrain, "I want to be sexy to someone”.  It's a question phrased casually, but laced with such subtle vulnerability.

The chorus takes a more playful turn. "Sexy to somebody, it would help me out" is a darkly funny line, suggesting that she sees attractiveness as a means to an end– a way to escape their current state. The desire to "get out of the house" hints at a sense of social isolation or a lack of motivation.

‘Sexy to Someone’ is a song that will likely resonate with listeners who have ever felt insecure or questioned their own attractiveness. It's a relatable exploration of self-worth wrapped in a catchy melody and Clairo's signature laid-back vocals. While the lyrics are self-deprecating at times, there's an underlying hopefulness in the yearning for connection. This playful paradox is what makes the song so interesting and keeps it from becoming overly melancholic.

The song is a noteworthy addition to Clairo's repertoire, though straying from the kind of tracks she usually makes. The production in this offering is crisp, Leon Michels and Clairo really made magic. Paul Castelluzzo on slide guitar and Nick Movshon on bass guitar and percussion just added to the feel-good vibe of the song.

When you think of ‘Sexy to Someone’, imagine a snappy anthem dreamt up for anyone struggling with self-image.


Vukile Ntsaba

Image: ‘Charm’ Official Album Cover

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