Thursday, June 13, 2024

Spending Our ‘Baby Blue Movie’ Summer With Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex continue to spoil us in 2024 as they release their third single of the year. After lead singer Greg Gonzalez’ announced their forthcoming album, ‘X, we have been listening to ‘Tejano Blue’ and ‘Dark Vacay’ on repeat.

If you know Cigarettes After Sex, you will be able to immediately recognise their classic electric guitar riffs and melancholy atmosphere within moments of hearing this new single. With a more uplifting tempo than most, ‘Baby Blue Movie’ feels like a new summer classic.

At first listen, the song is similar to others from the band, highlighting a relationship between Gonzalez and a mystery woman. While looking at the lyrics we seemed to notice the way some of the words were written differently, almost cryptically. Gonzalez however, shared a statement explaining the song’s subject matter, and the reason for the lyric "Baby blue movie with always4tuesdays." 

As summer approaches and as we wait for the album 'X' on 12 July, we will be sure to continue to listen to this one and imagine a story unfolding.

Molly Spencer


Image: ‘Baby Blue Movie’ Official Single Cover

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