Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Siren Song Of Bitter Pain From Heartache, Wendy Wang Presents Us With ‘Secrets’

There is no sting quite like the sting of unveiling the truth of what’s happening behind the scenes of your relationship. Something that you would assume you know well enough until the truth slips out. Wendy Wang sings bitterly about that experience in ‘Secrets’ pouring out the pain, betrayal, and weight of being put in that position by someone who should’ve loved you. 

Soft mid-alto vocals are supported by what can only be described as gentle alternative pop (use of electric guitar and live drumming found in pop-rock but make it vulnerable and swaying), which will sweep up any listener into this sad siren song. Exploring her emotions in this song, as a listener, we easily slip into her mindset - we are either Wang hurting from personal experiences or the person, the friend, supporting Wang as she confronts her suspicions. 

Every component of this song is a reflection of how raw and willing Wang is to open up herself and dissect what she has been experiencing. The confusion that she feels about why it didn’t tear them apart doing what they did to her, “said you didn’t stop cause you got used to it”.  That strong statement to be faced by someone you loved and hearing “sorry sorry” as their pitiful way of making amends falls on deaf ears, making the sword of heartbreak plunge deeper. 

The guitar riffs and pattering drum melt together to create this dizzying effect that resembles the way that Wang’s head must’ve been spinning, putting all of the facts together of the betrayal and the cheating. Usually, that type of information is overwhelming and shattering, causing anyone to question everything they ever knew about their relationship, “tell me, tell me / what was real and what was fake”. No one should have to pull apart and piece together their relationship like this. Having to ask additional questions like, “weren’t you ever tired of it, lying every night to my face,” knowing that the answer will never be good enough nor justify the actions adds to the pain, disgust, and disbelief. 

Wang’s attention to detail in articulating this quench for understanding the poor actions of her ex and a quest for healing her heart is executed impressively in this song. Pouring her soul into the production of it must’ve been incredibly cathartic, and it has turned out to be one incredible piece of art. If Wang wasn’t on your radar of musicians to have on your rotation after you listen to ‘Secrets’ you’ll immediately see what her approach to songwriting is needed in your life - it’s real and leaves no words unsaid. 

Tyra Baker


Image: ‘Secrets’ Official Single Cover

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