Monday, June 10, 2024

Snow Patrol Release The Devastatingly Beautiful Piece ‘The Beginning’

If there is one thing that the world knows that Snow Patrol does well, it is a gut-wrenching, heart-breaking love ballad. This week the band released its new track ‘The Beginning’; and to put it simply, it is both completely devastating and beautifully haunting.

In the past, the band has written some of the most cinematic and insanely gorgeous songs such as its hit ‘Chasing Cars’, which has since been used in the TV shows Grey's Anatomy and Run. Snow Patrol knows how to paint a narrative very clearly through its clever lyricisms, and this song is no different.

It is hard not to feel the sheer desperation of the antagonist of this track as they practically plead with their romantic other half to forgive them for their mistakes: "there is only you and me in this life / and I don’t want to fuck it up now / there is nothing for me in my past life / just what I wasn’t yet." They know they’re not perfect and they want to be held accountable for the things that they have done wrong in the relationship. 

The ever-powerful use of a guitar solo and instrumental toward the end of the song creates a cinematic feel to the piece. It gives the listener a moment to resonate and reflect on the lyrics it has already heard. After, we hear one clear isolated voice with no backing or harmony and only accompanied by a keyboard, representing how the antagonist is feeling at this point in the song. 

Overall, the song proves that Snow Patrol remains the unsung king of the love ballad. They have remained relevant in the music industry for years, and with a back-catalogue and discography about love and loss such as this one, it is clear why.

Bethany Atkins

Image: ‘The Beginning’ Official Single Cover

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