Monday, June 10, 2024

Ashton Irwin Hits A Perfect Bullseye With ‘Straight To Your Heart’

Ashton Irwin, known as the talented drummer and vocalist from the band 5 Seconds of Summer, proves once again that his solo projects are an undeniable reflection of his talent with new single 'Straight To Your Heart'.

This song introduces us to the new direction Irwin is taking his music in ahead of his upcoming album ‘Blood On The Drums’, exploring and pulling inspiration from various genres and playing with the titular instrument that brought him into music.

In comparison to 'Skinny Skinny', the leading single from his debut solo album, 'Superbloom', 'Straight To Your Heart' is less gritty with crisp and clear vocal recording backed by gentle instrumentation. Gorgeous guitar and soft drumming sweep listeners into a more mature, contemporary indie pop soundscape, with less of the heavy and guilt-ridden edginess found in alternative indie-rock. 

As the tune plays out, we hear the story of a protagonist who is understanding and coming to terms with the transformation of time and loosening up of guilt, creating a quilt of vulnerability that asks to be let back in. He wants to be loved and saved - not in a toxic way, but in the way that comes after a long journey of self-reflection, self-accountability, and wanting to make amends with a level head: "But here and now, we're different people / Here and now, we know what to do / Here and now, still wanna be with you". 

There's a sense of pining and asking gingerly to see if the person of interest would allow him to be guided back into their lives in a way that is patiently understanding - and hoping optimistically - that the time apart will reflect the healing they've done to be re-introduced as new people to discover: “Show me the way straight into your heart". It's the same person, but the story woven in this song's lyrics is within the mindset that time will allow for positive change, and the story of the right person but wrong time can reunite with a calmer and appreciative lens. 

Enough attention can’t be brought to the layered bridge that gives Irwin the space to show off his vocal and instrumental talent and strength. The section brings forth and builds up the moment to feel more keenly the emotion of cycles of self-sabotage being washed away, leaving him walking confidently into chances on himself and others: "Oh, how could I forget? / You kill my loneliness / If I'm not with you / I'm better off dead". Finally, he concludes that he does need others and hopes for second chances to continue to join him on the new road he walks. 

With a song that is this introspective, well-written, and well-produced, listeners are eager to see what's in store and waiting for us in the rest of the tracks on the upcoming album.

Tyra Baker
Image: ‘Straight To Your Heart’ Official Single Cover 

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