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Heartbreak Is One Thing, Sabrina Carpenter Is Another! ‘Please Please Please’ Takes Over

'Please Please Please' stick around to hear all about Sabrina Carpenter's latest single. 

This is Carpenter's second single of the year, giving the world another addicting song that is bound to get stuck in your head both sonically and lyrically. 'Please Please Please' along with the earlier single release 'Espresso' is teasing the upcoming release of her next album, 'Short n' Sweet', which, if it is like the two leading singles, is going to be absolutely remarkable. 

This recent release makes us think that Carpenter is leaning into an '80s aesthetic with her sound that suits her voice nicely with a bow. The synths, electronic keyboard, syncopated disco-esque bass, and other electronic elements meet in the middle of modern to create a twist on a nostalgic sound that is so refreshing. Furthering the instrumentation is the heavenly reverb and layered vocal backing that allow Carpenter to croon her desperation and warning to her lover to not screw up what they have together. 

Storytelling in this track is all about how she has been trying to figure out how to show the world her relationship with an actor ("I heard that you're an actor, so act like a stand-up guy"). There are moments where she doesn't want anyone to know that they are together as that would admit having attention on them potentially putting their love at risk for being criticised, "I know you're cravin' some fresh air, but the ceiling fan is so nice (It's so nice, right?) / And we could live so happily if no one knows that you're with me / I'm just kidding". 

Intentions for the relationship have been agreed upon, and she understands who they are together, but the song warns her partner that if anything goes wrong, it will be his doing. It's clear that she is giving her all into it and defending her partner, but glancing at his past versus current actions tells her that he is good now; however, the lingering concern of "what-if" he does do this again is within the song. "Please, please, please / Don't prove 'em right", she sings - to us, she isn't begging but telling him, don't do anything to make their accusations and concerns real or else you'll be crying to my music because I hate you for embarrassing me for believing in you so much. "Heartbreak is one thing, my ego's another / I beg you, don't embarrass me, motherf*cker”. 

We're enjoying how much Carpenter has explored her full vocal range in this song. She naturally has a mezzo-soprano voice, and getting a taste of her lower alto range throughout the chorus scratches an itch that we've had musically in a way that other songs haven't touched yet. From what we can hear from Sabrina Carpenter, we will get a complete cinematic masterpiece of her new sound exploration and view of herself in and out of love. 

We're anticipating a potential turn in direction from 'emails I can't send' in the upcoming album; it's going to be groovier and something that we can't put down. And, 'Please Please Please' is setting up the world to be ready for what Carpenter has to bring with raw talent, songs that create earworms, danceable (and relatable) tunes, and a shot of energy from how her music energises us. 

Tyra Baker


Image: ‘Please Please Please’ Official Single Cover

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