Thursday, June 27, 2024

Proud Pride Discovery: Our Top 10 Queer Musicians That Need To Be On Your Radar

Since the first brick thrown at Stonewall back in 1969 (and even before), the LGBTQ+ community has endlessly made changes in popular culture, such changes that have continuously and shamelessly revolutionised music. From Ma RaineyFreddie Mercury, Sylvester, Janis Joplin, Elton John, David Bowie, and RuPaul to more recent names like Tyler the Creator, Lady Gaga, Frank Ocean, and Janelle MonĂ¡e, these iconic queer musicians have been unapologetically showcasing their identities, lives, experiences, and expressions in and out of music for years. 

Many talented musicians have opened up their true selves and hearts to live authentically through their music. We are excited to bring your attention to our Top 10 recommendations of queer musicians to discover (if you haven't already) to check their tunes and add them to your playlists. These fabulous artists will bring you into their world and heighten your senses for an unforgettable time to advance your listening experience. 

Whether you are within the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, the musicians we're highlighting are on our radar, and they need to be on yours, too. 

  1. wilt. An alternative rock band hailing from Ireland. We recommend you rock out to 'she wants me too'. 

  2. Peach PRC. A hyper pop and dazzling pink lesbian siren from Australia (also one of TikTok's funniest and most real musicians with a love of crocheting) deserves your attention. Check out 'Like A Girl Does'. 

  3. Omar Apollo. Get a taste of this rich baritone singer-songwriter and his beautiful approach to music, starting with '3 Boys'. 

  4. The Beaches. Please turn on your Bluetooth; it's time to turn up the volume for this Canadian rock band full of charisma. To get into their world, press play on 'Blame Brett'. 

  5. King Princess. A singer-songwriter with a vast talent across various instruments (with danceable beats) is needed for your daily listening. We strongly recommend the cathartic, 'For My Friends'. 

  6. Conan Gray. Ready for a rising pop musician integrating a delicious 80s sound into their latest album? We bet you are, and you'll not be able to resist his voice, especially on 'Bourgeoisies'. 

  7. Chappell Roan. An upcoming pop icon who is getting their well-deserved flowers after many years. You may know her from her homage to drag or her music going viral across social media platforms, but we love her beyond that. We suggest that you dive into 'Pink Pony Club'.   

  8. MAY-A. An alternative/indie singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia, with a brass and edgy voice, is a pleasure to have on repeat. We recently discovered this artist and cannot help but share them with you. The song we have in mind will prepare your energy for whatever the day brings you: 'ifyoulikeitlikethat'.

  9. Remi Wolf. A funky musician with a big personality (she claims she is from 1458 France and might be a vampire), she brings a delightful and fresh approach to alternative pop. She's even been on a remix of a song with Paramore, so she is full of edge and personality that is easily recognisable in and out of her songs, starting with 'Cinderella'. 

  10. Jordy. An emerging pop musician who grew his fame after his twist on 'Absolutely (Story of Girl)' by Nine Days became 'Story of Boy' to represent his queerness; a twist that many trans people were able to resonate with, resulting in a boom of attention towards his music and authenticity. He released his album, 'SEX WITH MYSELF' in mid-June of this year, and it is phenomenal - that is an entire piece worth playing. 

We hope you enjoy this collection of musicians we are eager to share with you. It was challenging to narrow down who to showcase, and many honourable mentions are left on our list, such as Tegan and Sara, Rina Sawayama, Troye Sivan, and more. 

This top 10 is a gateway into discovering so many more LGBTQ+ musicians who are creating the best music in 2024. And we know that they'll continue to prove to us their place as vital players in the music industry from all the various corners of the world they are coming from. Enjoy these musicians; we can't wait to see how they grow and take over.

Happy Pride! 

Tyra Baker 


Image: ‘Like A Girl Does’ Official Single Cover 

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