Friday, June 28, 2024

Mat Hook and the Emotional, Deeply Personal ‘Bleed Me Dry’

Mat Hook is an English singer-songwriter, who is re-entering the live music scene after his endeavours as the frontman of Sheffield indie rock band Kartica, who presents to his third solo, brand-new single ‘Bleed Me Dry’.

‘Bleed Me Dry’ delves into self-realisation, capturing the essence of anxiety and persistent worry over uncontrollable matters. This theme is poignantly expressed in the passionate lyrics: “Holding onto nothing like a passing daydream, whispering like echoes of things you once believed…this time, yeah they bleed me dry.”

Although ‘Bleed Me Dry’ explores sombre themes, Mat Hook cleverly contrasts these with an upbeat tempo and twinkling guitars, infusing the song with an optimistic undertone. This is paired with a coarse drumbeat that introduces sudden crashes of melancholy, effectively portraying a journey of highs and lows. 

Mat Hook’s baritone vocals are rich with emotion yet maintain a relaxed quality, giving ‘Bleed Me Dry’ a unique lo-fi meets indie-rock vibe. His performance is raw and authentic, displaying both vulnerability and strength, which amplifies the impact of the emotive lyrics, such as “Waiting for tomorrow, looking for the sunrise hoping that sorrow doesn’t show in your eyes”.

‘Bleed Me Dry’ shows Mat Hook at the pinnacle of his music journey with his third solo track.  It is simple and sophisticated, taking listeners on a journey of vulnerability and triumph while providing an enjoyable listening experience. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Bleed Me Dry’ Official Single Cover

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