Friday, June 14, 2024

Mui Zyu Releases 'Please Be Okay': A Haunting Ballad of Loss and Hope

‘Please Be Okay’ is a hauntingly eerie and melancholic song that grapples with grief, despair, and the desperate hope for solace. Written by Mui Zyu and featuring vocals by Miss Grit, the lyrics paint a world tinged with loss, from the "flaky fear calling" to the chilling image of "picnics with hell money”.

The repeated plea of "please be okay" is both a desperate wish and a helpless recognition of the character's powerlessness.

The song could be interpreted from the perspective of someone who has lost a loved one or it could be a more general commentary on societal ills and the struggle for survival. Zyu herself has said that the song could have several meanings. It’s almost as if she wants us to “be okay” with whatever the song wants to be as an entity in its own right.

The chorus is particularly striking. The lyrics refer to "feeding the passed away", which creates a vivid image of a ritualistic act; perhaps a desperate attempt to connect with the lost or appease the afterlife. "Picnics with hell money" further reinforces this theme, suggesting a yearning for a connection that transcends the physical world.

The second verse introduces a historical reference to the myth of Yi, who shot down nine suns to save humanity. However, the line "Are we the Yi who shot the tenth sun?" implies a sense of culpability, a questioning of whether the characters' actions have caused the suffering they now face. "Happy hour tapes, our tongues are tied" suggests a desire to escape or numb the pain, but communication is stifled. The final line of the verse, "Stamp on birthday cakes that wanna die," is a particularly dark and disturbing image, symbolizing the crushing of joy and hope.

The bridge offers a glimmer of hope. The act of "nursing your air" and "copy-pasting a prayer" suggests a desperate clinging to life and a search for comfort in ritual. The repeated plea of "please be okay" takes on a new layer of meaning here, becoming a silent prayer for both the departed and the one left behind.

Surreal imagery with a dreamlike quality, a sense of emotional disorientation, and the ambient sound from Luciano Rossi’s synthesizers; all the elements of this song complement each other perfectly.

Overall, the track is a plea and a statement of uncertainty, reflecting the character's internal conflict. ‘Please Be Okay’ is powerful and emotive as it explores the complexities of grief. The haunting melody and evocative lyrics create a sense of despair, but also a flicker of hope that lingers despite the overwhelming darkness.

Vukile Nstaba

Image: ‘Please Be Okay’ Official Single Cover

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