Friday, June 14, 2024

Astro-Lloyd Unveil Their Multi-Layered Rock EP ‘Let’s Get Weird’

Swedish alternative rock band Astro-Lloyd presents their brand-new EP, 'Let’s Get Weird,' a four-track experimental endeavour that effortlessly fuses prog-rock and punk rock with hints of pop and stoner rock. 

This captivating mix creates a symphony of eccentricity, pushing the boundaries and journeying through various eras in music history while delivering a current and personal stamp.

'Let’s Get Weird' opens with the track 'Cowboy,' showcasing a rambunctious guitar riff that captures the energetic spirit of early 2000s punk rock, blending the juvenility of  Blink 182 with the raw emotion of the refreshed emo scene of the 2010s through the rich, deep vocals fuelled by emotion that has a familiarity to Hot Mulligan.

‘Cowboy’ sees Astro-Lloyd cleverly play with tempo, shifting from a lively, raucous intro into a softer, pop-like melody through a delicate guitar which is contrasted by hard-hitting drums and percussion that twist and turn with intensity, seamlessly easing in and out of a fast and subdued tempo. 

‘Dolph’ transitions from the previous punk rock sound and into a hard-hitting grunge style, channelling the grittiness of Nirvana with a refined edge of Queens Of The Stone Age. ‘Dolph’ opens with a complex electric guitar arrangement that creates a rich texture, transcending into a hazy soundscape through lengthy instrumental passages and progression that has a roughness to it transporting listeners back to the early 90s. 

‘23.19’ departs from the grunge aesthetic and adopts a more polished style skilfully blending hardcore elements with prog-rock. The track begins with a complex guitar arrangement featuring mechanical-sounding riffs and a repetitive motif. Astro-Lloyd expertly controls the tempo, employing powerful drums to link polyrhythms and create a unique sound that incorporates disjointed electronic phasing and reverb subtly adding traces of psychedelia. 

‘Speedracer - 80’s Inspired Version’ is an alt-pop ballad that transports listeners back to the 80s. Astro-Lloyd cleverly uses an accumulation of synths and reverb to create an echoing, dramatic effect that is electrifying to listen to.

‘Let’s Get Weird’ is an experimental EP that shows Astro-Lloyd seamlessly transitioning between the different subgenres of rock, mimicking familiarity from iconic bands whilst still bringing forth their signature sound for a refreshed and enjoyable listening experience. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Let’s Get Weird’ Official EP Cover

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