Friday, June 28, 2024

Ten Artists on Our Radar

With the year steadily over the half way mark, we explore ten artists that have emerged with new releases this year that are ones to watch for 2024. 

From the delicate musings of myah to the folk intonations of Daisy Harris and woozy Aussie outfit Eli &the Truth, this list explores all the corners of emerging pop-rock and indie creators.

Key Track: 'hurricane'

Hailing from South Florida myah utilises delicate textures, acoustic guitars and infectious beats drawn together to create layered soundscapes, but above all - she makes music and eats croissants. Much akin to a stripped back Billie Eilish (think 'Bad Guy'), myah's 'hurricane' is her latest impressive venture into tongue-in-cheeky witty soft-pop. myah's debut record is slated for release this Summer.

Key Track: 'Price of Fame'

Belgian born but London-based sultry pop singer, Gla Lys is fresh to the music scene and marries together subtle jazz notes with bold vocal performances. Her debut release 'Price of Fame', is a James Bond-inspired feat that boasts dramatic arrangements. A poignant emergence, 'Price of Fame' is an impressive first release that cements Gla Lys as a sure-fire one-to-watch for 2024, especially so with her debut album currently in the works.

Key Track: 'Good Fight'

Known for genre-bending cuts, emotive lyricism and swirling soundscapes, Manchester-based Daisy Harris takes influence from a range of artists - from indie-darling beabadoobee to daring rockers Smashing Pumpkins. Her first release of 2024, sees Harris fighting 'Good Fight' in a summery cut that teases a bigger project to come.

Key Track: 'View of London'

Justin Sconza's soundscapes perfectly match the vibrant city of Chicago that kick-started his love of music. His latest single release, 'View of London' features Beatles-esque vocals, delicately layered instrumentation and soaring melodies that make for a nostalgia ridden cut. The track is taken from his fourth record, the impressive retro-filled 'Campfire', which was released early May of this year.

Key Track: 'Boyz Noize'

Liverpool-based alt-rock band, alright (okay) have been making waves on the North-UK music scene with their own unique blend of punchy rock and brooding soundscapes. With a sound akin to indie outfits Slap Rash and Inhaler, and retirees Pretty Vicious, their latest venture, 'Boyz Noize' is an impressive addition to their already extensive discography, including their break-out track 'Coffee'.

Key Track: 'Active!'

The all-caps styling of the band's name aptly represents what to expect from LAY / BYE - infectious, high octane beats and drilling instrumentation. Their most recent release 'How Does It Feel?' follows on from the upbeat 'Active!' and features Arctic Monkeys' bass riffs, and snappy lyrics. Reminiscent of acts such as Queens of the Stone Age and Sea Girls, LAY / BYE have an impressive music career ahead of them.

Key Track: '3 Minute Calls'

Only recently emerging on the UK-indie-pop scene, new-comer Grace Moore has unveiled her first single '3 Minute Calls' - a delicately composed ode to soft pop. A warming ballad, Moore's debut release echoes early works of Maggie Rogers, and, despite the heartbreak-undertones, is a soothing and uplifting tale of perseverance. Moore's impressive premiere is set to lead to a fruitful career.

Key Track: 'Asymmetry'

Adelaide-based quartet, Eli & the Truth have been making waves on the Australian music scene since the release of their breezy debut track 'You, Me & Debris' back in 2020. Their discography has steadily expanded and has culminated in the mini EP 'Asymmetry', unveiled just last month. Complete with introspective lyricism, woozy soundscapes and lilting riffs, Eli & co truly are an outfit to keep a keen eye on.

Key Track: 'Airborne'

With his debut double single only freshly released, the LA-based, self-proclaimed "pool man philosopher" Deano is diving head first into the music scene in the best way possible. Complete with mesmerising bedroom-pop soundscapes and soaring melodies, his sound is a sweet twist on Tame Impala, with an even more psychedelic edge. With this impressive debut, Deano has a fruitful career ahead of him.

Key Track: 'Left For Dead'

Harking to artists such as The Chats and Skeggs, Australian surf-rock outfit, Shifty Peaks have released their punk infused debut cut 'Left For Dead'. Boasting infectious vocals and funky guitar lines, these "foul mouthed, salty kids" are sure to be mainstays on the Aussie music circuit.

Lana Williams
Image: '3 Minute Calls' Official Single Cover

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