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Halsey Bares Their Soul In ‘The End’

Halsey announced the release of their fifth studio album on Instagram by teasing the release of her first single ‘The End.’ In a heartbreaking Instagram post, the singer revealed she was struggling with lupus and leukemia. This track is deeply personal and vulnerable to Halsey, showing feelings of facing their mortality. 

The track opens with the verse “Every couple of years now a doctor says I’m sick / Pulls out a brand new bag of tricks/ and then they lay it on me / At first it was my brain, then a skeleton in pain.” Halsey has been open about their health struggles from the beginning of their career. She has been open about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and also struggles with endometriosis. This led to her working with her fertility and having several miscarriages. She addresses all these issues in her album ‘Manic.’ 

There are several biblical references throughout the lyrics of this track. The Pre-Chorus of the track goes “When I met him I thought I was damaged goods / From a real bad neighborhood / So we wrestled in the mud / And I told him he could stay right where he stood / But I don’t know if he should / Cause once my God destroys the flesh then it’s the flood.” She meets a new lover she believes will help her recover as she says in verse two. She fears because of her rough childhood and multiple health ailments that she’ll lose them. The last lyric of the pre-chorus is perhaps the most chilling. She warns her lover that once her health deteriorates all hell will break loose so they shouldn’t stick around. 

Vulnerability and soul-baring lyrics have never been anything Halsey has shied away from, but this is their most heartbreaking release yet. In verse two, she compares a stethoscope and a snake. This is one of many biblical references in the song. 

Sonically the track is simple and an acoustic guitar carries the same four chords throughout the track. There are no other instruments besides the acoustic guitar featured on the track. This allows for Halsey’s vocals and story to take the spotlight. This gives the track a unique quality, making it feel like she is singing directly to you. The track closes with a more upbeat feel, with the final lyric being “I know it’s not the end of the world / But could you pick me up at 8? / Cause my treatment starts today”. 

Overall the track is sombre and melancholic, due to its heavy subject matter and musical composition.

Daniela Gisel Macias


Image: ‘The End’ Official Single Cover


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