Wednesday, May 22, 2024

We Are All ‘Deeply Still In Love’ With ROLE MODEL

The energetic sound of ‘Deeply Still in Love’ may start to trick you into thinking you’re listening to a cheerful indie-pop anthem, but listen to the lyrics and you’ll hear a sorrowful expression of heartache that tells the story of a recent loss of love.

After weeks of teasing fans with snippets of the song across social media, indie Pop singer ROLE MODEL has released the highly anticipated rollercoaster ride of a single, further proving his distinct capability to write ardently about love and the meaningful relationships in his life.

Breakup songs are so often a bitter retelling of what went wrong, but what ROLE MODEL displays through his storytelling is far from contempt. The singer bares an emotionally mature message to his ex-love: “Well I heard you might’ve found somebody new.  / I still can’t swallow it / But I think I’m proud of you” - a refreshing gesture of respect tinged with an air of sadness that makes it tempting  for us to stop dancing and start crying instead.  

Alongside the release of the single came a music video directed by Dylan Knight, depicting a flurry of denim-clad bar brawling chaos starring a smirking ROLE MODEL, who flirts and fights his way through the establishment and wreaks havoc, only to walk away alone with a fading smile as the song winds down into a melancholy end- reminding us of the wistful nature of the lyrics we’ve just heard.

‘Deeply Still In Love’ is the second single to be released ahead of ROLE MODEL’s upcoming studio album ‘Kansas Anymore’, which is set for release on the 19th of July through Interscope Records.

Tallulah Fox

 Image: ‘Kansas Anymore’ Official Album Cover

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