Thursday, May 23, 2024

Melodies and Unrequited Love: Seán Finn and the Late Bloomers Debut Single ‘A Thousand Guesses’

Seán Finn and the Late Bloomers have unveiled their debut single, ‘A Thousand Guesses’, a bright and cheerful track that narrates the story of two lovers and their unconditional yet unrequited affection conveyed through a melodic, romantic harmony. 

Hailing from rural Ireland, Seán Finn is a versatile songwriter proficient in multiple instruments, with a foundation in pop and jazz. With several years of songwriting experience, Seán's distinctive style creates a warm and welcoming auditory experience for his audience. Since moving to London, he has teamed up with the other members of The Late Bloomers at the London College of Contemporary Music where they fuse soft rock with elements of country and pop music.

A Thousand Guesses’ begins with a distinctive drum rhythm that is on a constant loop throughout the track, this is soon joined by a simple and delicate guitar arrangement. Together, they craft a wistful melody that is both calming and effortlessly familiar. This guitar arrangement later intensifies, where alternative rock elements really shine through with sharper electric guitar riffs kick-in to create a lively atmosphere. 

Seán Finn’s vocals are crisp, with his clipped, precise enunciation reminiscent of a young Morrissey. Fuelled by pure emotion and singing from the heart, he captivates listeners with heartfelt lyrics like, “Because I just can’t help myself falling in love with you”.

Seán Finn and the Late Bloomers have crafted a stunning track within ‘A Thousand Gussses’ that, despite its simple structure, beautifully captures the intricacies of a complex relationship through exquisite guitar arrangements and a captivating rhythm.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘A Thousand Promises’ Official Single Cover

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