Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pretty Sick Get Serious on New Single 'Streetwise'

Move over bubblegum pop, Pretty Sick is here to hit you with some real talk. Sabrina FuentesEva Kaufman and Benjamin Arauz - the NYC-based musicians behind the catchy tunes, are ditching their usual playful lyrics for something a bit more deep on their latest track, 'Streetwise'. This song is the title cut for their upcoming ‘Streetwise  EP, and it's got a whole new vibe.

'Streetwise' is dark and edgy, with a beat that just pulses. It feels like the city itself is coming alive in the music. The lyrics are all about how cities, just like people, are constantly changing. Pretty Sick sing about how their city feels different now, almost like it's not even the same place they used to know.

This song isn't afraid to get real. Pretty Sick ditch their usual sarcasm and start talking about feeling lost and out of place. Lines like "The only home I ever knew was the sound of my name" hint at how much this change is getting to them. But there's a twist. Just when you think Pretty Sick is all about feeling down, they hit with a burst of confidence in the bridge. The fronted singer - Sabrina basically says "I'm still the queen of this city."  This little back-and-forth between feeling lost and owning it is what makes 'Streetwise' so interesting. It's like Pretty Sick is figuring themselves out, and they’re taking us all along for the ride.

‘Streetwise’ is a whole new side of Pretty Sick, and it's great. It's clear they are not afraid to grow as an artist, and this song is proof that they’ve got some serious talent. I can't wait to hear what else they’ve got coming on their new ‘Streetwise’ EP!

Karolina Bartosik
Image: ‘Streetwise’ Official Single Cover

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