Thursday, May 30, 2024

Teenage Dads Bring Sensational Indie Sounds To Birmingham

Australian indie rock sensations Teenage Dads made their Birmingham debut on Tuesday night at the cities infamous Sunflower Lounge bringing an insane amount of noise and sweat! 

The quartet from Victoria, Australia have risen in popularity around the globe in recent years with their catchy, funky yet alternative tracks which are always performed with charisma and expression providing a show that is perfectly curated.

Jordy, Connor, Angus and Vinnie took to the stage and kickstarted their show with the surfy, golden sounds of ‘Sunburnt’. A track bursting with electricity and springy bops made a magical introduction for first-time Teenage Dads gig goers as well as creating a nostalgic atmosphere for long-time fans. This song has over five million listens on Spotify and for the band to start the setlist off with such a well known and loved song is a perfect ingredient for very fun show!

The setlist then ventured into some of the bands most recent tracks such as ‘I Like It’ and ‘Tale Of A Man’ which are both impeccable songs to be heard live because of their ethereal guitar hooks and head bopping synths, which leads us nicely in to the bands newest single ‘Weaponz’. Where the energy the four piece exuberated was infectious making everyone in the room sway along. Jordy’s punchy and soulful vocals blended with Connor’s iconic guitar riffs in this record created an intense sound that only Teenage Dads could create.

The Aussie’s treated the crowd to two brand new, unreleased tracks ‘Boarding Pass’ and ‘Boyfriend’ which we hope will be released soon as they both have an exceptional summery sound creating a noise sounding similar to tracks on their debut album ‘Potpourri Lake’ released in 2018. Another unexpected turn of events occurred when Jordy gave a shoutout to Royal Mail before playing a ridiculously good cover of ‘Postman Pat’ which made the room ecstatic!

The passion and love for their music this band produces was escalated when they played their beautifully experimental song ‘Come on, Cowboy. Fire your Gun!’. A song that is three years old but will remain timeless with its everchanging drum rhythms, passionate guitar, dynamic base, and hard-hitting keys all creating an exquisite, genre-breaking sound. As well as the sensational sound of this record, the way Teenage Dads perform this number with such an embodiment of vitality makes every gig-goer addicted to their stage-presence, creativity, and sound.

The penultimate song of the night is one of the bands most insane sounding tracks to hear live. ‘Teddy’ is an energetic mix of their glorious musical talents which are strengthened during this record, and hearing it live can only be described as an amazingly manic experience. The record itself mixed with Teenage Dads incredible ability to perform creates a live music atmosphere like no other. The chemistry between the band members alongside the relationship the band builds with the audience throughout the gig generates an intimate, personal, yet uniquely wild atmosphere that gets everybody dancing and laughing.

You can catch Teenage Dads on the remainder of their UK/EU tour throughout June before heading back down under to perform their epic shows to fans back home.

Alice Mason
@alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs
Image: Alice Mason

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