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Integrity And Diversity Stand Appropriately At The Forefront Of Cardinals’ New Single

Upcoming and revolutionary band Cardinals have recently shared their new single and it is explosive. The band, made up of five members from a small town in County Cork, Ireland, have not long entered the music scene, but their debut has been welcomed and greatly adored by listeners from all around.

Their unique combination of a brooding sound, typically offered from the indie genre, alongside Irish folk elements really does make them stand out within the industry and, of course, gives them a wonderful avenue to speak volumes with their lyrics. The youthful members are not afraid to be direct with their choice of lyrics, nor do they shy away from incorporating various elements with each track; this may seem too eclectic but proves to be the secret ingredient to their charm and talent.

Their new single, titled ‘Nineteen’, is a perfect example of the range that this band possesses, and just how talented each member is. It is only less than two minutes long, taking inspiration from Buddy Holly’s shorter tracks according to frontman Euan Manning's interview with The New Cue, but they pack an incredible amount in such a short space of time.

They waste no time and come in strong with an immediate, upbeat and compelling guitar sound paired with the intense vocals of Euan Manning. He sings “If there’s one thing I wouldn’t do / it’s take off my skin for you”. The line is pretty direct and to the point, carrying with it this feeling of appreciating the honesty in a person. Subsequently, this perfectly sets us up for the rest of the song which comes to showcase the diverse range of each band member alongside their trademarked, uninhibited voice.

They feel raw and vulnerable with their creation and seem to value strong communication and connection with each listener. From here, we hear a repeated “come on” as it draws to a close, signifying a possible invitation or perhaps a pleading with the subject of the song. Either way, it is established that the message of being unreserved and honest in life comes through with amazing musicality and vocalisation, whilst also giving listeners a taster of just how distinguished the band is. 

Overall, ‘Nineteen’ is one to grab anyone’s attention. With a musical accompaniment showcasing such a vast array of talent and lyrics to knock the socks off any and all listeners, Cardinals are undeniably the rising stars of their generation.

Abby Tapping
Image: ‘Nineteen’ Official Single Cover

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