Thursday, May 30, 2024

Wallows Drops Sleepy New Single ‘You (Show Me Where My Days Went)’

Taking fans by surprise, Californian indie rock trio Wallows have released a fifth single ‘You (Show Me Where My Days Went)’, from their third studio album, ‘Model’, which arrived on Thursday 24th May. 

The song is delightfully mellow, marked by Dylan Minnette’s candid vocals and Braeden Lemasters characteristically bright guitars. In the song, Minnette sings of past anxieties about exploring a future with a romantic partner, before conveying gratitude about meeting the right person: “When I reflect, I used to deflect / In fear of what more years would do / That changed because of you”. 

Minnette is no stranger to writing about doubt and paranoia; on previous songs such as ‘I Don’t Want To Talk’ and ‘O.K’, the frontman shares his struggles on maintaining trust in a romantic partner, and his need for assurance. Building on his hallmark honesty, ‘You’ sees Minnette opening up about balancing fears of springing ahead in a relationship with the longing to take it to the next level: “Ready when you are / We can take it far”. 

The track’s music video features Minnette, Lemasters, and drummer Cole Preston destroying a makeshift bedroom in reverse. The video ends with a focus on Minnette in front of a now pristine mattress - an on-the-nose analogy for a new partner bringing order and stability to a calamitous life. 

The fifth single to be shared before the release of ‘Model’‘You’ is the most sedate of the bunch. Back in February, Wallows reemerged from an extended period of silence with vibrant leading single ‘Your Apartment’, giving fans a taste of a wistful and reflective new era. 'You' brings down the energy a few notches - but its hypnotic, noughties-inspired soundscape undoubtedly marks the advent of a more mature and refined sound in Wallows’ discography thus far.

Lina Adams


Image: ‘Model’ Official Album Cover

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