Monday, May 06, 2024

Synthetic Soundwaves: The Good Neighbors Release The Whimsical Track ‘Moonlight Shoreside’

The Good Neighbors are a song writing duo from Buffalo, New York composed of Connor Getz and Jacob Frasier who eptomise real life moments in the human experience by fusing a harmonious blend of alt-pop and indie rock to tell the story they seek to tell. 

In the case of their brand-new single ‘Moonlight Shoreside’, it paints a vivid picture of the highs of an unforgettable evening with friends, conveyed through a catchy, energetic melody filled with unexpected surprises.

‘Moonlight Shore’ commences with a dreamy cascade of synths, gradually intensifying to craft a unique and captivating sonic landscape. Suddenly, the scene transforms with the introduction of vibrant, jangly guitars, evoking an immersive groove tinged with a hint of intoxicating haze, portraying a subtle alcohol-induced perspective and dizziness. This intensifies as ‘Moonlight Shoreside’ progresses, demonstrating that The Good Neighbors adeptness at crafting a compelling and multi-dimensional track that maintains its hold on hold on listeners throughout. 

The vocals in ‘Moonlight Shoreside’ are captivating, featuring a diverse range that effortlessly transitions between Connor Getz and Jacob Frasier’s different styles,  deep, velvety tones and airy, delicate notes, adding layers of depth that complement the intricate textures of the synths and guitars.

The duo, The Good Neighbors, craft an immersive sonic experience and narrative in ‘Moonlight Shore,’ combining various genres and harmonies to compose a whimsical melody for an enjoyable listen. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Moonlight Shoreside’ Official Single Cover

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