Sunday, May 05, 2024

Love, Loss and Drifting Apart: Shenanygans Release The Brand-New Track ‘Like Strangers’

Folk-infused indie rock outfit Shenanygans are back with another brand-new single, ‘Like Strangers’, boasting a surf rock-inspired approach with a contemporary twist to paint a personal narrative of love, loss and the inevitability of drifting apart.  

Hailing from Solothurn, Switzerland, Shenanygans is a quartet consisting of Irish vocalists and guitarists Dan and Kaylem Hannon-Barry, along with Swiss drummer Tom Brunner and Swiss-Polish bassist Lucky Luki, who is also a member of The Fruitcakes

Established in 2023, the band delivers a dynamic and captivating musical experience, leaving audiences eager for more.

The structure of 'Like Strangers' is straightforward, with a consistent rich-toned guitar riff blending seamlessly with a prominent drumbeat, accompanied by subtle echoes. However, Shenanygans elevate the song with intricate details, adding refinement and complexity to convey a personal narrative. Distinctive vocal harmonies, reminiscent of The Beatles' early work, and subtle nods to the surf rock movement enrich the composition. These harmonies intertwine effortlessly with lush instrumentals, creating a melodic landscape that resonates with listeners navigating heartbreak or seeking a serene musical experience.

Shenanygans have crafted an exceptional track with 'Like Strangers', drawing inspiration from the nuances of surf rock and blending it seamlessly with their folk-infused indie rock style. The result is a song that not only evokes nostalgia but also taps into the raw emotions of heartbreak, providing comfort, relatability, and an unforgettable listening experience.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Like Strangers’ Official Single Cover

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