Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Kingdom All Stars Release The Heartfelt ‘Home’

Kingdom All Stars, a teenage folk-pop group originating from Vermont and recognised as 'The Northeast Kingdom', view their homeland as a 'magical place'. 

Their newest single, 'Home,' blends folk-pop and indie elements, capturing the bittersweet emotions of leaving one's homeland in a delicate balance between a ballad and a symphony.

‘Home’ begins with a tender acoustic guitar, softly chiming alongside a soothing piano, evoking a tranquil ambience and exuding a sense of warmth and comfort. The piece gradually incorporates subtle percussion, clicking into the introduction of a gentle female voice. 

Her voice carries a mix of tension and warmth, tinged with bittersweetness as she grapples with the prospect of departing from home for opportunity and adventure. Yet, the excitement is accompanied by hesitation and anxiety about what will be left behind. This sentiment is beautifully captured in the lyrics, "Take a step, take a deep deep breath. This is forever and it starts now. The future’s mine…”

The instrumental elements in 'Home' maintain their strength throughout, yet retain a gentle quality.  Kingdom All Stars skillfully expand this sound by introducing assertive yet restrained drums, a shimmering bass, and an organ to complement the beautiful piano and guitar. This clever arrangement allows Kingdom All Stars to vividly evoke the concept of home, wherever it may reside in the minds of listeners, resulting in a comforting listening experience.

'Home' is a poignant and exquisite track that reveals Kingdom All Stars' willingness to express their emotions openly. Through their folk-pop style, they adeptly delve into authentic thoughts and feelings, inviting their audience to join them on an emotional journey.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Home’ Official Single Cover

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