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Hardwork and Passion Present Themselves Wonderfully in Jake Bugg’s Newest Single

Debuting at number one twelve years ago this October, English singer-songwriter Jake Bugg is one of the most well-renowned performers of his generation. His first performance on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading Festival in 2011 turned out to be the perfect gateway to making his dream a reality; the talent Bugg possessed at only 16 years old was too phenomenal to ignore. 

The following year he released his fantastic first album and has seen nothing but growth and love in the years since. As his new tour is approaching, Bugg has released his newest song titled ‘Zombieland’, and fans are ecstatic about his return. His music in the past has fluctuated greatly between acoustic sets and pop-based recordings, so fans were eager to hear what he had in store. 

The record sets an intense and guitar-centric tone from the first few seconds. Immediately, we hear this sharp guitar riff that integrates the essence of working to the bone into its notes. It’s hash, in the best way, and its unmistakable presence is a clear message of strength in brokenness to listeners. Soon after, this is accompanied by a heavy and pulsating drumming sound that gives listeners the sense of a cyclical and grinding way of life, one that the lyrics hope to portray also. In combination with one another, the musical and vocal aspects of Bugg’s latest single undoubtedly make for a rock-like anthem that discusses the brutality that working life can bring to society. The lyrics  “He works his fingers to the bone / Just to feed the meter” have this painstakingly beautiful image describing how employment is the blessing and the curse that many of us will face; as hard as people work, it never seems to be enough. 

Bugg goes on to sing “Round and round it goes again / Every day just looks the same / A broken man in Zombieland,” a choral lyric that buries itself into one’s brain the moment it plays. Here, listeners are given a chance to feel this brokenness along with Bugg, standing by his side and working through the sometimes terrible ways of life. This ability that the artist possesses to create a connection with his fans is incredible. Despite the melancholic lyrics Bugg produces in this track, it remains one that’s full of talent, passion and understanding from start to finish. 

Jake Bugg is a mastermind in the music world and continues to prove his expertise with every release. Listeners are very keen for the commencement of his upcoming tour and the following album to be released soon. 

Abby Tapping 


Image: ‘Zombieland’ Official Single Cover

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