Saturday, May 04, 2024

Rainbow Kitten Surprise Release New, Insightful, Vulnerable Track Ahead Of New Album

Formed in 2013 by vocalists Ela Melo and Darrick Keller (known as Bozzy) Rainbow Kitten Surprise has become a household name within the indie music genre. 

Since its formation, the band had acquired another three members, until March 2024 when unfortunately Charlie Holt had to take a step back. Nevertheless, their creations are incredible and constantly demonstrate their talents in harmonising beautifully moving lyrics while discovering the perfect musical accompaniment each time. 

Performing at a variety of musical festivals and events, the band have really become a key player in the music industry; their tracks never fail to shed light on some of the world’s most important issues. They offer support and guidance in the form of each new song released, and the newest single ‘SVO’ is no different. 

‘SVO’ begins melodically, with an undertone of gentle comfort in anguish, finding its backbone in the writing of Ela Melo and the accompaniment of her band. It offers a vulnerable perspective on life and one that exhibits a raw connection between artists and listeners. The guitars provide unmistakable riffs unique to Keller and Goodpaster, ones that ground the song in its vibrant yet resounding nature and give the track the emotional centre the band are known for. Not only are the guitars a work of genius, the drums dispense the upbeat-ness that subsequently gives the song its dynamic sense of being, whilst drummer Jess Haney does an excellent job at continuing the tempo; listeners are provided with a passionate sense of beat and union between instruments and vocals. 

From beginning to end, we are allowed an insight into the minds of the artists and the issues that are important to them. The stand-out lyrics “What world would you like to live in” graces the bridge, and this alone embodies the cooperative society and equality-centred world the band advocate for, a world that everyone should be making strives to live in. 

Overall, ‘SVO’ is a track that embodies all it means to be human, to feel and to love. Another success from a fantastic band. 

Abby Tapping 


Image: ‘SVO’ Official Single Cover

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