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KLEN Releases ‘Compendium/Consortium’ An Eerie Frenzy Single And Curious Music Video

It's time we introduce you to an electric garage-psych band from Cornwall, KLEN. Their latest release, 'Compendium/Consortium', is out for you to rock out and enjoy alongside the music video for the single. 

The track is whole of what you would expect from a rising garage band: grungy, loud, full of epic distortion, fluidity, and intertwining distorted guitars. An exciting approach to the production of this song is how it has an underlying mysterious feeling, a bit eerie in nature, but not a haunting feeling. No, more so, it's a song that will stop you and make you feel chills as it runs its course. It's one that you will have to sink in more and more as you go back and hit play once again. 

The title of the track has two crucial words that are important to understand to truly appreciate both the song and the music video in full. Compendium: a list or a brief treatment of a subject, a collection, or, as in Latin, "something weighed".  

The first half of the song pushes back the narrative of society and the way that rules and regulations are put on social classes, resulting in the creation of a different breed - making a list of the agreements society has trickled down upon us, but one that KLEN wants to bargain on. Opening the discussion for tearing down that long list or compendium with their band to make anew. 

The latter half of the song follows consortium. A consortium is an agreement, combination, or group of companies formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member. In other words, an association. In this section, we hear about how they want to be unassociated with the larger society and funnel through thoughts of overcoming it and creating separation, their own mini-society. 

A society built on a facade of living extensively - an approach of becoming a different breed and fooling others into stepping down from their positions to theirs to overthrow. Create different anarchies by pointing out how lavish living can be manipulated to switch the narrative; therefore, a consortium, a deal amongst each other, was created from living with the ugly compendium. 

The music video for the song helps the narrative unfold in a chaotic frenzy that is true to the band's brand. As a listener of this song, you get an idea of who the band is, but with the music video, you visually get an idea of their approach to music and personalities. As mentioned above, with the band making a deal with pushing the narrative of society, we see the members from different points of view in various locations shaking hands. 

The sign of a deal is repetitive in showing the absurdity of having to come together for this type of agreement. Set in Cornwall, we get an idea of their home base as they walk around in casual clothes, business wear, and more to show the gathering of people in this agreement. Its filming tactics, editing, and filters are highly reminiscent of what we would've seen in the '90s garage scene. 

It's an excellent two-part project that deserves your attention, praise, and consortium to rock on.

 Tyra Baker 


Image: ‘Compendium/Consortium’ Official Single Cover 

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