Sunday, May 26, 2024

Blusher Embody Late Night Drives on 'Accelerator - Lauren's Version'

LA-based Australian pop-trio Blusher share a new version of their latest single. 'Accelerator - Lauren's Version' is a dreamier take on the high-octane electro-pop of the original track.

The three-piece, in which Lauren, Jade and Miranda are all the lead, have spent the last 12 months playing their first shows as a band and winning over audiences supporting the likes of Tove Lo, Aurora and Dadi Freyr at home in Australia and in the UK, Europe and North America.

With a view to showcase their individual tastes, Lauren's Version powers down the non-stop energy of 'Accelerator' which has quickly become a fan favourite and instead offers a more introspective take on being in the hot seat and hitting the gas. 

“I originally put this remix together on a flight from Tokyo to New York, and worked on it in the van while we drove across America on our first US tour," she explains. "Accelerator, like our lives at the time, was such a turbo highway chase, it really inspired me to see if I could remix it into something dreamy and lush.

Taking that ‘James Bond in drag’ energy of the original song and channeling more ‘Blade Runner on a late night drive’. I loved staring out the window while making it, feeling introspective and soaking up the dream-like state of touring for the first time. Our lives felt like a coming of age film, and I guess, for a lot of scenes, this was my soundtrack.”

Next week the trio hit the road in Australia again for sold-out dates supporting indie-rock band The Rions. With more festival appearances and their first headline dates on the horizon for this summer, Blusher are sitting on a treasure trove of new music which they're set to share before the end of the year.

Image: Brianna Da Silva

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