Saturday, May 25, 2024

The LaFontaines Share A Pre-Summer Anthem

Scottish indie band The LaFontaines have unveiled a scintillating summer soundtrack ‘Since You Made A Move’, after they have enjoyed previous success with singles such as ‘Junior Dragon’ and ‘Under The Storm’

Their latest offering serves as a party anthem and is sure to be popular over the summer months. 

The quartet consists of Kerr Okan, Jamie Keenan, Darren McCaughey, and Iain Findlay.

'Since You Made A Move' pounds the listener's chests from start to finish with a ferocious backbeat that helps to provide an upbeat atmosphere, complemented by a strong groove. The vocals embellish the sound further, adding the final piece to the puzzle.

The lyrics contradict the disco beat, with the chorus stating “Since you made a move / It’s the only thing going through my mind” - which suggests a turbulent and complex relationship. “I just want to live my life / Be cool, be free, be me” suggests avoiding becoming entangled in toxic relationships might be the preferred option overall.

The outro cuts off suddenly in a similar fashion to the intro and includes the refrain “It’s all because of you” to summarise the message disguised behind the disco stylistic elements of the track. The LaFontaines are set to embark on a UK tour next month with a trip to London included on the 19th.

Antony Bailey
 Image: 'Business As Usual' Official Album Cover

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