Monday, May 27, 2024

The Fades Share Their Latest Single 'Looking for Keanu'

British indie rock band The Fades have released a ‘90s pop punk-inspired track called ‘Looking For Keanu’. Packed with raw emotion and a tone that resonates with a widespread audience, this single has already been widely well-received both at home and abroad. 

The band formed in London in 2002 and have had previous success with the release of singles such as ‘Music Is Killing Me’ and ‘Rearrange’

The group consists of Dave Lightfoot, James Lighfoot, Johnny Barnard, and Alaistair Thorpe.

The track pays tribute to Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves including his face on the cover of the quartet’s newly released single. The song comes with powerful riffs and hard-hitting fills that will certainly lead listeners into the past, offering a taste of the pop-rock era that ignited a new wave of genres. The lyrics are generally dark and are delivered in a way that would remind listeners of the likes of blink-182 and Weezer.

“My wife has left me my kids have grown / I have no money no place called home” is the opening line and immediately sets the tone for a story of despair and desperation. Backed by a catchy melody and explosive drumming, the song launches its audience into the past and it’s guaranteed to leave listeners pining for more of the same.

“I just don’t know what I should do / Please help me find Keanu” is the refrain before exploding into an outro that gently fades into the distance. The group are set to perform in London as well as embark on a tour to the Bushfire festival in Eswatini. Their new single is bubbling with ‘90s riffs that ultimately leaves fans pining for more of the same.

Antony Bailey
Image: 'Looking For Keanu’ Official Single Cover

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