Monday, April 29, 2024

Pip Millett Deals with Self-Doubt in 'Better'

Following the release of her new EP ‘Tell Jimmy’Pip Millett’s spanking new single is a powerful probe into feelings of insecurity and frustration. The song is a subjugation of raw emotions, effectively showing how the artist feels completely out of place. It is a soul song to the core, brimming with naked honesty that is refreshingly relatable.

In a trembling, vulnerable voice, her performance starts off with the words “A pip in every segment”. Intended to highlight the idea of something spoiled and unpleasant, you get the feeling of something personal and intentional. After all her name is Pip, and so she may be that bitter and hard obstruction in this beautiful, tender fruit of life.

It’s a meditative composition, and hence she says “I think I need some time” before taking a short pause and broaching the matter. She begins “filtering the noise out”, unapologetically declaring “I hate this f*cking crowd”. And that’s only the first of many times she swears in the record, further adding to the rawness of it all.

We get to witness Pip working through her feelings, as she admits “I hate that I feel insecure/ so f*cking small and/ insignificant and/ easy to forget”. This is someone dealing with self-doubt, even her delivery signals uncertainty, as she keeps adding on to the list of negative feelings towards herself.

These initial sentiments of anger and insecurity are followed by an unforgettable chorus with a beautiful sing-along element to it. The second verse probes deeper into emotional exhaustion and the desire to escape the struggle. That’s especially with lines like “The d*ck ain’t that refreshing/ I search for something new”. This two-part structure helps create the sense of reflection, with the two verses lying on different ends of the emotional spectrum.

It's great getting to witness her music stripped down in a performance like this. There’s an inviting warmth to her voice, and it’s fascinating how well-modulated the transitions between notes are. She didn’t just write an emotionally charged song, she is bleeding her soul out with sound waves in this performance. One can’t help but enjoy the simple guitar tune that guides her through it all.

‘Better’ sounds like a diary entry brought to life, like something you want to remember despite the uncomfortable emotions attached to it.

Vukile Ntsaba

Image: ‘Tell Jimmy I’m Fine’ Official EP cover

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