Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Bad Nerves Delve into Indelicate Self-Exploration in ‘You Should Know By Now’

Never one to follow the rules, Essex-based band Bad Nerves continue to abandon convention in their latest track ‘You Should Know By Now’, an introspective track that abandons all caution. 

The track offers the final taste of their upcoming sophomore EP ‘Still Nervous’, which awaits release in late May, satiating the eager ears of their fanbase with their stereotypical lively sound. And, perhaps most astoundingly, it marks the outfit releasing a track longer than two minutes.

‘You Should Know By Now’ (as the title suggests) is all about finding who you are in the face of deceit, the fast-paced drums echoing the pounding of a heart broken by betrayal. 

It's classic Bad Nerves, packed with punk-fuelled energy, angst, and unrelenting attitude. You can pick any song from the band's repertoire and state that it needs to be played loud, but it is a statement that feels true even more with this track.

The length of the release is not the only thing that departs from the usual Bad Nerves trademarks; there is also a noticeable shift in vocal delivery in this track, with melodies creating an altogether lighter sound to a track that is so rooted in confused and pained feelings. 

The energy that grows unrestrained in the song reaches a high at the 2:25 mark, signalled by a longer instrumental section. You can liken listening to this track to riding a rollercoaster, a wild ride of self-exploration. From rhetorical questions to anger-doused expletives, it's an emotional journey soundtracked by drums that quicken and guitars that refuse to let up. It's just under three and a half minutes of sheer fun; don't expect delicacy here!

Taking the words from the title literally, if you don’t know Bad Nerves by now, what are you doing?

Megan-Louise Burnham


Image: ‘Still Nervous’ Official EP cover

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