Sunday, April 28, 2024

dust explore raw emotions in their new invigorating release ‘Trust U See’

Australian post-punk experimentalists dust release their latest single ‘Trust U See’ which exuberates with passion, deep emotion and vulnerability following the success of their eclectic debut EP ‘et cetera, etc’ released last year. 

For avid dust gig-goers, you may recognise this record as we have been hearing this track open dust’s insane live shows, but fans will be thankful that we can now have the pleasure of listening to this beautiful exploration of both literal and emotional feelings at your fingertips.

Frontman Justin Teale’s lyrics explain his struggle with the search for physical pain relief whilst coinciding this issue with trust, wellbeing, and relationships. A similar honest and raw account of lyrics we have also seen from dust in their previous single ‘Ward 52’ making ‘Trust U See’ feels like a sequel. The words ‘‘I’ll take the ones that shouldn’t be prescribed / they’re the only ones that fix up my mind’’ displays the difficulty of this story with the mental and physical pain Justin is going through.

A sonic boom of synths, saxophone and everchanging rhythms leaves you intrigued and wanting more from this delicate yet eery sound the quintet create. A track that sees so many audiological changes with the wide range of instruments and equipment throughout produces this vibrant, alarming, and raging sound which takes the listener on a rollercoaster of perfect post-punk noise.

dust are back in the UK/EU this autumn supporting indie music pioneers Interpol on their 20th anniversary tour of their legendary album ‘Antics’ after touring this show together in Australia. ‘Trust U See’ is an exceptional journey of sounds that poses a very exciting post ‘et cetera, etc’ era of dust.

Alice Mason
@alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs
Image: ‘Trust U See’ Official Single Cover

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