Saturday, April 27, 2024

Neska Rose’s ‘Aware’ is a Sobering Account of Detecting Disrespect

Coming off her 2024 album, Neska Rose’s song ‘Aware’ is a punchy, assertive, confrontation aimed at a man that has no respect for her at all. 

The artist feels unheard and frustrated by the lack of communication in the relationship, and that’s why she says things like “I don’t speak cause you complicate it all”.

The record details this awakening, where Neska starts to realise all the negative elements in her romantic arrangement. She is finally ‘aware’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants him to be aware too. With lines like “turn my cheek till you say I need your”, you can tell she’s willing to withstand the nonsense to a certain point. It’s almost like she finds a strange pleasure in the suffering, unashamedly declaring “you like to fall and I like the pain”.

‘Aware’ comes across as an uninterrupted flow of thoughts and emotions. With no apparent rhyme scheme or dedicated structure; there’s an organic, coarse feel to it. Still, she manages to showcase her songwriting ability with figurative language like “Now there is a famine/One from your lack of respect”.

Producer David Greenbaum fiddled with synths and drums, and Neska proceeded to pour her heart out. Her twin sister, classically trained pianist Libi Rose, worked some magic on keys and put the cherry on the top with complementing vocals.

‘Aware’ is a zestfully memorable tune, an anthem for victims of serial mansplaining.


Vukile Ntsaba

Image: Official ‘Aware’ Official Single Cover

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