Saturday, March 02, 2024

The Terrys Release Their Sophomore Surf Rock Album ‘Skate Pop’

Aussie surf punk quintet The Terrys have released their highly anticipated second album ‘Skate Pop’, following the release of their spectacular debut record ‘True Colour’ in 2022. 

The Terrys have been growing in popularity and success in the Australian music scene since 2020, when they released their hit single ‘Pesos’. The artists continue to make their own legacy in the genre, mixing classic surf guitar sounds with heavy, poignant vocals.

The clarity of the production on this record is a constant, bringing this album to life and practically placing the listener in the band’s recording studio. This is apparent in the opening track, ‘Head Noise’, with the clattering chat at the beginning, before the song progresses into an upbeat, head-bopping indie anthem. Every instrument and vocal performed on this track is transparent and loud, creating a beautiful business in the listener’s ears, especially in the bridge, when a tinkling sound appears that soon mixes with the professional guitar riff, creating a magical opener to the album.

‘Troopy’ is a firm example of the Australian surf rock sound, with catchy guitars, boppy rhythms and cheerful synths. You can really hear the inspiration from other Australian bands such as Beddy Rays and Skegss in this dreamy, sunny song that makes the listener want to have a dance on a beach at sunset.

The album pursues its summery tones while taking a heavier turn in ‘Fundamental Man’. With a bass that sounds like it could be influenced by Ocean Alley, The Terrys still create their own uniquely profound music by adding punchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals from frontman Jacob Finch.

During the 8th track on this record, we see The Terrys experiment with sounds, rhythms and feelings, creating a truly superb and emotional record. The majority of the track features a slower ambience, creating a moving haven on guitar and vocals before heading into a storm. The lyrics “Oh Daisy, don’t you know/My head is spinning out of control” coincide with the song as the beat spins out of control, making a track full of detail and story.

We soon re-enter the summery-sounding bliss of ‘Skate Pop’ with ‘Zombie’. A song that will transport you into a mosh pit at a summer festival, making you want to bounce and sing to the utterly gorgeous Aussie punk bop. This track blends flawlessly with the previously released single ‘Silent Disco’. A fast, upbeat chaos of a tune is only something The Terrys can create so impeccably.

The artists about to embark on another UK and EU tour, showcasing all their latest hits from this outstandingly clear and glowing record, which will put a smile on every surf punk/rock music lover.

Alice Mason

@alicemxson // @alicegoestogigs

Image: ‘Skate Pop’ Official Album Cover

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