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Do Love Songs Have An Expiry? Dive Deep Into Swim Deep’s Newest Single

Fans of the indie group Swim Deep who are eagerly awaiting the release of their forthcoming fourth album titled, ‘There’s a Big Star Outside', announced to be on streaming platforms on June 7th, 2024. Have finally been treated to a taste of the first single from the album.

For those unacquainted with Swim Deep and are fans of Golden Daze, Wild Nothing, Stray Fossa, TOLEDO, or indie dream-pop music that brings you a sense of nostalgia, Swim Deep’s new single ‘How Many Love Songs Have Died In Vegas?’ is one to put your ears on. The single was released on February 21st, 2024 and it’s a track that beckons fans of indie dream-pop, inviting them into a world of nostalgia and contemplation. 

Musically the track is a well-executed indie, coming-of-age single that blends poetic lyrics with child-like melodies, executed through a youthful and euphoric synthetic soundscape. Comforting acoustics, accompanied by low-toned guitar riffs all perfectly complemented by Austin Willams elegant vocals. 

Unlike most of the band's released music, it seems that this track promotes a notable new creative shift and direction for the band. With classy film style visuals to accompany the single, that bring a sense of young innocence, search for maturity in a world of instability and feeling of freedom. The band's frontman Austin William’s recent reflections on the group's new track can easily be seen wrapped in between the lyrics. A

Austin states in an interview with NME; “a song I wrote [the track] after pondering whether marriage was ill-fated, and statistically doomed, just like my parents and all my friend’s parents’ ones seemed to turn out”Uncovering themes of contemporary love and the shadow cast by parental separation.

“I learnt love the wrong way round / I saw it tumble down / In the kitchen fighting itself / I could hear it through the walls / It gets louder in my head it gets louder at night / Hide under the covers, hide under the covers at night”

The underlying anxiety of how your own parent's separation can put pressure on the success of your own love life. 

The idea of complex love, and not wanting the relationship with the love of your life to turn out the way your parents did. It’s a track that resonates with listeners on a deeply emotional level, evoking the bittersweetness of love and loss. Inviting listeners to immerse themselves and contemplate the complexities of the human heart. Paired with visuals directed and filmed by Luca Bailey, it sure does pull on the heart strings. 

Comparing to Swim Deep's older album’s, which provide more of a mix of punk psychedelic and coming-of-age summer indie styled tunes. Will we be seeing less care-free youthful summer hits from the boys in 2024? Or just like Swim Deep will their musical creative outlet mature and expand into other avenues, thanks to the creative directions of Bill Ryder-Jones which are yet to be explored on this upcoming album. 

The shift in musical direction and lyrical themes suggests that Swim Deep is evolving creatively, which is always intriguing for fans to witness. The transition to Submarine Cat Records also hints at a new chapter for the band, offering them the opportunity to explore different avenues and expand their musical horizons. ‘How Many Love Songs Have Died In Vegas?’ stands as a testament to their talent, showcasing their signature blend of dreamy melodies and introspective lyricism. Setting the stage for what promises to be a captivating new chapter in their musical journey. 


Taylor Pettigrew 


Image: ‘There’s a Big Star Outside’ Official Album Cover


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