Monday, March 18, 2024

The Terrys Bring ‘Skate Pop’ to London

Australian indie rock five-piece from Gerringong, The Terrys, turned TWO PALMS in Hackney into a loud, sweaty, wild, mosh pit filled dive on Saturday night out as they performed their second sold out London show.

The Terrys are an organic and truly profound band in the Aussie surf rock scene and their epic sounds are making waves over here in the UK. The Gerringong guys started their careers in 2020 after being inspired by fellow Aussie bands such as Beddy Rays and Skegss and have seen been one of the most successful independent bands in Australia with the help from Triple J Unearthed.

The night was kickstarted by friends of The Tezzas in the form of the insanely talented Satin Cali who had everyone bopping their heads and dancing to their infectious rock sounds before The Terrys embarked to the stage.

The setlist was curated to perfection and starting off the night was ‘Zombie’ which got people moving immediately. The track from the bands recently released sophomore album ‘Skate Pop’ got the whole audience bouncing and singing along leaving the band in shock at how many London fans knew their newest music. What a way to open a sold-out gig on the other side of the world!

The Terrys energy, creativity and admiration for gig goers was a constant for the 1hour and 20-minute set and the night got more intense as it went on with fans going up on stage to sing with lead vocalist Jacob Finch who was in awe of everyone their showcasing their love for his band.

The show continued with their legendary single ‘Cost the Peace’ from their debut EP ‘The TerrySonic Mixtape’ released in 2021 in the early days of their careers. And for a group that started in a little trailer in New South Wales during lockdown, hearing some of your first lyrics sung back to you by people in the UK was a special moment for The Tezzas as they expressed their love for everyone in the room.

We hopscotched between old and new tracks which was a faultless way of keeping old and new fans hooked. Another newbie to The Terrys discography is ‘Silent Disco’ with its contagious grooves and riffs making everyone move, including The Terrys who performed with charisma and charm throughout the whole gig.

A highlight of the night was during the final iconic tracks of the gig ‘No Bad Days’ and ‘Pesos’ which saw crowd surfers flying through the room to these great records which feature distinct Tezza sounds and lyrics. You could barely hear the music being played because of everyone shouting back the lyrics to the band creating a purely magical and emotional atmosphere through everyone’s love of surf-indie music.

You can catch The Terrys on their UK/EU tour throughout the rest of March.

Alice Mason

@alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs

Image: Tour Poster

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